Can't stop thinking about wanting pussy.

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I don't think I'm ever going to get pussy so I'm trying to figure out how to transcend my desire.

This app should just be called fat matches central

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All I match with anymore is fat people. What the fuck? I don't even mean slightly chubby, I mean obese.
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I need in-person human interaction. Been going crazy without it, and I've been trying to attend meetups and get a volunteer opportunity, but nothing is working. I already have a full-time career, but quite literally no friends or family to do stuff with in my spare time. It's just work, gym, solitary hobbies on repeat. Honestly just being able to have a conversation with another human being in person once or twice a week is good enough for me.
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ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything

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Previous thread: >>24639424
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I'm scared

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Bros, I have some pretty fucked up fetishes (vore) and now i'm petrified I have a guaranteed place in hell. What do I do? And don't say repent, because I can't stop myself from fapping to vore, I tried.
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To all fellow addicts: What is keeping you from relapsing? I've been doing great, I quit everything, but today there was an opportunity to drink, to gamble, I even picked up smoking again. I am so ashamed and feel so weak, how do I stop myself? Everything is so fun once you let the dam break but I know it's gonna get so much worse fuck

Thinking about quitting my job

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But it's complicated.
I'm a CCA (Mailman), I sometimes work close to 70 hours a week. Today was extremely painful and I couldn't complete the entire route. It was a 12 hour shift and I just got home. I have close to no time to myself and my days off are sprinkled in once every two weeks.
The paycheck is excellent, but I have no time to live. I'm 21 years old and outside of work by the time I get home I barely have time to eat dinner before I'm back in bed and ready for the next day.
I don't think I can continue on like this, but the problem is my office is understaffed and other carriers need the help. If I quit, I'll be selfishly putting my workload onto other carriers who don't want to deal with the bullshit. Then I'll be forever known as the selfish asshole who left them because he was too stupid to be a mailman.
What do I do /adv/? On one hand I can't continue like this but on the other I don't want to abandon my coworkers.

Vaccine or kicked out of uni

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If I do not get the shot I will be kicked out of university. I could try to to get a medical exemption based on anxiety but I have no clue if that will work or not. Should I drop out and learn a trade. If so, how would I do that? I will never get the vaccine. Besides that, I have no idea what to do. This is in Ontario Canada, so the laws regarding mandatory vaccination may be different.
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Growing up without father

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>be me
>depressed sad sack coomer addict
>neglectful mother not much around during childhood
>father is kill when I'm aged 2

How to heal the emotional wounds of having no father figure growing up? I wish I had a reliable father figure to be present in my life growing up and guide me to be a more disciplined, confident and strong man. I've been running away and numbing myself from the reality of my upbringing for so long (vidya, weed, porn), that now that I stop and look back I see the mess life If built for myself currently and blurry path I'm headed towards.
I understand that there's no guarantee he would have been a GOOD father, mine died apparently from drug overdose. But It still hurts all things considered, at least my mother was partially in my life despite her share of my resentment. Are there any practical steps to help and grow from this pain? Books, activities, ect?

>tl;dr how to fix daddy issues
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I have been dealing with a lot of problems lately, and almost all of them revolve around money and crippling anxiety disorders. No money to continue uni, no money to eat, can't pay the bills, can't go back to work because uni plus working with parent to help with their bills (Pa is a woodworker), can't go outside without being raped or mugged (thirdworlder), can't see friends, too poor for meds and therapy, thinking about ending myself more than ever. Friends are great and family is very supportive despite our many problems.

It's becoming more and more difficult to stop ruminating and i'm afraid i'm going to end myself before i finish my goals.