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JUST BUY $WOM THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO BUY $WOM AND WEAIT FOR THE HERD (yaaas, A New Music and Social Collab NFT platform that boasts a signed influencer network with over 250 Million Combined Fans) WAIT FOR CHRIS BROWN AND TORY LANEZ TO SELL THEIR NFTS. USERS HAVE TO USE $WOM.

/smg/ - Stock Market General

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I’ve got the tendies: breaded with a dash of cocaine. Bring unmarked bills to our agreed location. If you’re five minutes late, the deal is off.


>Basic Boomer ETF investing:

>Options 101

>Stock market words:

>Live Streams:

>Educational sites:

>Free charts:

>I love Lum


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Back testing your portfolio:

>Leveraged ETFs for europoors

>What's jpow doing?


>anon's stock ticker prices script

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Message from /pol/...FUCK YOU

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/pol/ was right this place is fucking pathetic.

I dont understand what the fuck is it with you lazy fucking kids. Is it so hard to just roll-up your sleeves, do honest work and be a contributing member to society? Is it so hard to just work for 15-20years for a respectable company, retire, and then enjoy the rest of your life? Why the rush to "escape". Literally do your part for this country (USA - be grateful youre even here) and be a part of the community and contribute.

As for your internet have to be fucking stupid to even trust magic 1's and 0's.

Honestly, you fucking kids are so god damn stupid. What happened to being a welder, an engineer, a teacher or a carpenter and being a CONTRIBUTING MEMBER TO SOCIETY. I sincerely hope the govt bans this shit for good. Lazy, greedy, leech to society.

Fuck crypto and actually (guess what) GO TO FUCKING WORK AND BE A FUCKING MAN FOR ONCE

t. boomer from /pol/ idgaf I hate you pathetic leeches. Also I know my pic will make you millennials and zoomers butmad. &PROUD OF IT FUCKER!
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290303, 791x434, 12345png
Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO

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New project launches today! Worrth a look?
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You know what's interesting to think about? The fact that all these CEOs (that are making 100x's what they were before the pandemic) all live at homes with specific addresses.
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Realistically, what will he the price of unvaccinated sperm in 2022?
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Why did you guys tell me not to get this?

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I went against /biz/ advice and it was a good choice.
>Apply for coinbase card -Free
>Get coinbase card -Free
>Transfer USD from bank to USDC on coinbase -Free
>Preload card with said USDC -Free
>Earn 4% cashback in crypto on every purchase -Free
>Exchange cashback rewards for actual useful crypto -Only fee
Does it pay to do the opposite of what /biz/ says?
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Block duelers

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Looking to get into the NFT Gaming craze? Block duelers, ticker BDT is your coin. It has a fully working game and a pretty good road map. It was just listed on Coingecko in the gaming section. With a market cap of less than a million, it can literally only go up from here
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/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining & Macro General

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SILJ edition

>What is /CMMG/?

Here we focus on the big-picture macroeconomic outlook, the commodities bull market, and how we can profit from it with the right mining equities and other commodity-related investments like physical precious metals.

>What is the big-picture macroeconomic outlook?

Here we believe in Austrian (real) economics, not state propaganda delivered by public schools and universities, the MSM, and central banks. Here are some of the core beliefs:

>(1) One of the keys to economic growth and prosperity is a high rate of personal savings and capital formation.
>(2) Free markets provide a higher standard of living for all.
>(3) High taxes and government regulations stifle economic activity.
>(4) Government inflationary policy is responsible for the boom-bust business cycle.

If you want to learn more about Austrian economics, here are some fantastic beginner books

>What has government done to our money? - Murray Rothbard
>The mystery of banking - Murray Rothbard
>Profit & Loss - Ludwig Von Mises

>Relevant Information regarding Mining Equities

>Free download link to 'The Mining Valuation Handbook'

>Must Watch: Why the World is Preparing for a Reset?

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