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Font Request Thread

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Request and share non-free typefaces and identification of typeface samples.

Previous thread >>408210

> Font identification

Before you request, do your due diligence by running your font sample through a font identifier;

whatfontis <dot> com
fontsquirrel <dot> com/matcherator (be sure to enable the myfonts setting)
myfonts <dot> com/whatthefont

If you're not getting a clear read then put your sample in PS, separate the letters and colour it to be pure black on a white background.

> Font requests

First of all, check;

vk <dot> com/board178186634
graphicex <dot> com

> Uploading

catbox <dot> moe is great for uploading small-sized zips containing fonts, especially since it doesn't expire.

If somebody helps you then pay it forward!
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I love the aesthetic of this album cover. Does anyone know the font of the text with the date and stuff? The E is an estimated symbol, does anybody know any symbols like that? I want to replicate this sort of aesthetic in my own graphic design.
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What is the name of this style? And are there any tutorials out there to help me emulate something like this?
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minimalism has meant the total death of creative graphic design, EVERYTHING looks the same now when it comes to logos, i get shit like removing the metallic sheen of the apple logo, but ffs, why are corporations like Firefox butchering iconic logos with disgusting oversimplification?
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how do I get good at web design? I've read Refactoring UI, I"ve looked at thousands of shots on dribbble and have make a few mockups in figma... but nothing comes together. Everything falls apart, looks ugly, or has glaring oversights like usability or missing functionality. And if anything does seem to look decent, it's impossible to create... even simple page transitions are difficult for me to implement

are there better resources? Should I just quit design and use bare html and JS for functionality? How can I make something that looks as good as pic related? Are there places where I can just steal design and not small fragments?
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Post whatever youre working on at the moment and receive feedback

Ill start, a vector/photo collage inspired by death grips come up and get me lol
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company logo

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i love graphic design. it (the logo) has been a passion project of mine for 7 years, now. hope you like it.
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I need harsh criticism on my platform and ideas

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My platform is snipcritics.com. It is an art review platform that puts critiques inside the artwork for more precise criticism.
The route I am currently taking (route 1):
>the platform is anonymous
>everyone can post as much as they want
>everyone can review as much as they want
>all art in 1 screen to remove the feeling of isolation that might occur in a new platform

route 2:
>users will need accounts
>only can post once before needing to give 3 critiques
>voting system to ensure quality of reviews (5 star system, 5 is perfectly helps the user acheive their goal, 1 is sabotages the goal of the user)

I'm gambling with this project essentially. Please I'll accept any help. I'm desperate. I worked for months on this with close to no money. I believe in this project, but I'm a newbie with close to no experience. I want to help artists improve their work by giving a great tool.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be generous enough choose to help out.
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Bird Man in Goodyear Logo

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Does anyone else see a stern looking bird man in the Goodyear logo? I’ve talked to my friends and they don’t see it. I get it’s supposed to be a winged sandal, but I’ve seen it as a bird man nearly my whole life.
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In this fhread, we post our projects and ask if they have a soul.
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