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Stop Cooming

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All you have to do is close the window. Close the tabs.

Is this really what you want right now?

You can do it anon.
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Splitscreen Babecock

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All Things Evangelion Related
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YLYL, maximum laughter

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Tight dresses

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Thick women in tight dresses
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1. Family love, as homosexuality or racial equality, is an arbitrarily rejected activity by an antiquated society. It was really just a matter of time.
2. Family love and its consequences are only rejected because of outdated stigmas. The risk of inbreeding is incredibly low, and the stereotypes related to it are harmful and false. Today it's wrong to prohibit two unrelated people with known genetic disorders from having sick offspring. Prohibiting inbreeding when the literature shows the risk is of any consequence incredibly low is comparable to nazi eugenics.
3. You have the right to enjoy delicious incestuous sex with your willing and consenting adult family. The reason consanguineal love is so common in family members that didn't grew up together is that they have the family sexual compatibility while not having most of the harmful stigma created by a sick society embedded in their minds.
4. The more you improve and share this ideals with open minded and progressive people, the possibility that you will have amazing family sexual experiences that only can be experienced with close family members in your lifetime increases exponencially.
5. A future where mommies eagerly jump on their sons' cock to help them discover their sexuality and give them confidence, where girls excitedly demand to their daddies to pump their pussy full of incestuous cum when safely having their first sexual experience. And where brothers and sisters are the obvious choice for a fuckbuddy. A world where a mommy-son or daddy-daughter couple is celebrated in live tv. A world where impregnating mommy, your little princess or your sister is a heroic act of rebellion against a flawed system and you are admired by your classmates or coworkers is possible. And is closer each time you share these ideals.
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Amateur lesbians thread

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Amateur lesbians thread
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petite girls

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petite girls, the goddess body type. Everything goes as long as they are petite.
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Porn webm request/creation

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Drop a link with a timecode to the good stuff and I'll probably make it up.

Tools used
are both super easy to use while horny and stupid.

And DownloadHelper for firefox the most comprehensive download tool I use.
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