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This nigga or the MPLA.
Who was in the right?
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Ever thought about how stupidly powerful the British empire would've ended up if the American revolution never happened? They'd have had all the power of America in addition to everything else.
Pretty crazy.
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Why didn't the british help the irish during their famine?
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Did Jews create Christianity to enslave gentiles?

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What would Chiang Kai-Shek think of modern China?

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To be honest, I can't imagine him being all that disapproving of how things turned out, if viewed impartially:
>state capitalist
>biggest army in the world
>strongest economy in the world
>united all "rightful" chinese territory
>respected/feared around the world as a superpower
Aside from the whole paper-thin larp of being a communist state, modern China seems like it'd be relatively close to how Chiang would have wanted China to turn out in the modern era.
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What are fucked up events in history that people don't talk about?
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If you could create a country and its people - what would they be?

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In my case:
Some large overseas colony away from Europe (Argentina, Australia or South Africa).
~90-100 million
70% Atlantid/Alpinid (Central/North Italians, South/Central French, Swiss, South Germans, Austrians, British);
10% Meds (South Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and Greeks);
10% Nords (North French, North Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians);
7% some of the Slavs (Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats);
3% minorities (Polynesians).
Classical. A mixture between Italian and French culture with a steely reverence for Ancient Rome and the Napoleonic era.
Overwhelming majority are Christians (mostly Roman Catholics, but other denominations are also present) or atheists; any other religions are allowed except for Islam and Judaism.
>political system
Fascist republic with some form of National-Syndicalism/Bonapartism/Principate.
>legal system
Napoleonic Code.
>state language
Classical Latin.
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Why exactly did the Soviet Union collapse?

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Whenever MSM touches on the subject, virtually no real explanation is given as to the precise causes of the Soviet collapse.
Sometimes they do mention a bunch of factors, such as nationalism and economic malaise, but without properly addressing how these came to be or how they became severe enough to destroy what was still a fairly young superpower.

So what happened exactly? And was it more attributable to malice, incompetence, or factors beyond human control?
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Are mexicans descendants of aztecs? Wtf happened to them. They were pretty smart for their time but why are Mexicans today not as architecturally gifted and sophisticated as they were back then?
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