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Do you see them as two different characters or two versions of the same person?
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Pregnant Pony Thread

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This is the pregnancy general. We're here to talk bellies, babies, images, stories, and share our love of pregnant mares!

Related Pregchan thread

Previous Pregchan thread

Archives (rip pastebin):
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Meanwhile in another timeline...
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How would you keep FiM running to this day and prevent it from becoming zombie simpsons?
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Have fun anons
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/Mare/con: 80s synthwave edition

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Welcome to the 1st /Mare/con: 80s synthwave edition, planning thread #2

>What is /Mare/con?
This is a con that focuses on the love for mares. /Mare/con is going to be an annual online winter con. That will focus on MARES, /mlp/, and the fandom. This year’s theme is 80s synthwave.
>What is Synthwave?
Synthwave aka futuresynth is an electronic music genre that is based predominantly on the music associated during the 80s. Popular examples of the soundtracks can be found in action, science-fiction, and horror films of the 1980s.
>How will this be held?
/Mare/con will be relying on live streams on Youtube. Pre-recorded videos will also be accepted, and will be viewed on Cytube During the con, interaction will occur on the con threads and/or Cytube chat.
I’d like to have at least two Cytubes. Channel #1 for live-streams and short videos. While Channel #2 is for +3 hour live streams and +45min long videos.
>Planning and to-do
Decide on a date, (looking to host /Mare/con in December/January). Think of a panel and event (You) want to host. Still looking to have a few anons record the videos and chat. I plan to record as much as I can, but a 4 TB harddrive can only hold so much. Also looking for a few Cytube mods. Need some PST, EST, and Euro bros. All planning will be done in the threads, and those wishing to participate in the con will need to post updates when they can. Anything else suggest it down below. More original art is to come, happy trotting.

Last thread: >>37236171
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>"I tell ya, this is the life!"
>"Twilight's on a trip to Canterlot, Owlowiscious is at Fluttershy's, and I'm staying up late with my best pal Anon!"
>"So, what do you wanna do now?"
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Pixel canvas thread - Why am I backing again edition

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Pixel canvas thread - Why am I backing again edition

- Border art restoration close to complete
- Ponyville project is growing
- Canvas still sensible sometime, but mostly back to normal

Vandalism Detector:
Offline version:
Spriting Guide:

>Quick FAQ
Are we using bots? : There is no "we" here. Just a group of headless hen drawing cute pones and working together from time to time.
Can I use a bot? : Whatever m8. Just keep in mind that it will be reverted on day or an other.
Can I use proxy? : Same answer.
Where is the discord channel? : Kek

>Previous Thread

Again, sorry for low quality bread, I am not used to bake.
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>I don't think you understand the plan.
>When a pony and non-pony breed the result is always a pony. By opening all the borders as much as possible all the everycreatures will eventually... disappear. Then the world will be completely united under me.
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