‘Up to 90 percent’ of UK petrol pumps dry amid panic buying

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Petrol pumps in English cities are running dry after panic buying worsened shortages caused by a lack of truckers.

Queues of cars snaked back from filling stations across the country on Sunday, swallowing up supplies and forcing many retailers to shut despite assurances from the government that the United Kingdom is not short of fuel.

“Some of our members, large groups with a portfolio of sites, report 50 percent are dry as of yesterday, some even report as many as 90 percent are dry as of yesterday,” Brian Madderson, chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), told UK broadcaster Sky News on Monday.

The PRA represents independent fuel retailers, who account for 65 percent of all UK forecourts.

“So you can see it is quite acute,” Madderson said. “Monday morning is going to start pretty dry.”

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from outside a petrol station in the capital, London, said people were attempting to stockpile fuel using jerry cans.

“The government has found itself in a big mess over this,” he said. “It has gotten out of control.”
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Former President George W. Bush will hold a fundraising event for Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, according to a source familiar with the event, putting him in direct opposition with the efforts of former President Donald Trump.

The primary race between Cheney and her Trump-endorsed Republican challenger Harriet Hageman is shaping up as one of the most notable proxy contests in the greater fight over the future of the Republican Party. Cheney, the daughter of Bush's Vice President Dick Cheney, voted to impeach Trump after the deadly riot at the US Capitol on January 6 and has rejected his baseless claims that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election, leading to her ejection from her House Republican leadership role.
Bush's fundraising event for Cheney will be held next month in his home state of Texas, according to the source. The Wall Street Journal was first to report the details of the fundraiser.
Other notable Republicans who have donated to Cheney since her impeachment vote include Bush's brother Jeb, former House speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan, and George Bush's former senior political adviser Karl Rove.
In recent months, George Bush has stepped up his criticism of Trump, though he has not attacked the 45th president by name. He has decried the "loud voices" in the GOP "who are isolationists, protectionists and nativists" and revealed he wrote in the name of his former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on his 2020 presidential ballot rather than vote for Trump.
Bush, who has said he was "appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election" in the aftermath of the Capitol riot, also called on Americans on the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to confront domestic violent extremists, comparing them to violent extremists abroad and warning that they are "children of the same foul spirit."

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California’s universal voting by mail becomes permanent

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California’s pandemic-inspired move toward mailing a ballot to every registered, active voter will become a permanent part of the state’s political landscape, an embrace of an extended and flexible voting process instead of the traditional focus on a single day of voting in person.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature Monday on Assembly Bill 37 makes California the eighth state in the nation with a law on the books requiring every voter to be mailed a ballot. The new law is part of an evolution of voting in the state over the last two decades, an effort to provide voters more options for when and where to cast their ballots.

“Data shows that sending everyone a ballot in the mail provides voters access. And when voters get ballots in the mail, they vote,” Assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto), the bill’s author, said during a Senate committee hearing in July.

The law takes effect in January, providing a symbolic counterweight to a handful of other states where access to voting could be significantly curtailed before the 2022 elections — a contrast Newsom highlighted in announcing his signature on the bill, and one likely to be echoed by Democrats across the country.

California’s new law will require ballots to be mailed to all voters for statewide elections in June and November. AB 37 also applies to local elections, potentially improving turnout in community contests but also increasing costs, given that vote-by-mail ballots are provided with prepaid postage.
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highlights include
>Over half of violent crimes committed by 6% of population (Black males)

>More anti-white hate crimes than anti-Asian, anti-gay, or anti-jewish

>Black Americans committed a hate crime rate 2 times higher than whites

Why are democrats so fucking violent?
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Epik Hack

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It finally happened goys!

Every bit of Parler, Gab, 8ch, TexasGOP, etc's sites, databases, and history (payment info removed) has been taken and is now available - unhashed and unencrypted! The entire set of sites hosted by Epik.

To all of you newfags, /k/fags, and /pol/fags who lean right... Prepare for retribution. It's 180 GB so it'll take us a while, but be warned fashfags - I've already got all the data, suckas. And we've got several ppl around the world slowly sifting though it.

Real Anon OGs are still around. Never forget; we do not forgive.
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Political Candidate Forced to Run Against Doppelgangers Who Also Stole His Name

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An opposition party candidate running for a municipal position in St Petersburg, Russia, is competing against at least two other people who not only legally changed their names to his, but also borrowed his physical appearance to confuse voters.

Russian opposition politicians are used to running against candidates with the same surname, it’s a commonly used tactic that can derail a few precious votes in close elections, but Boris Vishnevsky’s case stands out. A senior member of the liberal Yabloko party running for public office in a district of Saint Petersburg, Vishnevsky already knew that two of his opponents had recently changed their names to “Boris Vishnevsky” to confuse voters. What he didn’t know was that they’d stolen his look as well. In a district voting poster showing the three candidates side by side, it’s difficult to tell them apart, because they all look nearly identical.

“I have never seen anything like it. This is all done to disorient voters, so that they confuse the fake with the real, and instead of the real Vishnevsky they vote for one of the fakes,” the original Vishnevsky said in an interview.

This sort of “double” candidates is often seen during Russia’s election cycles, which can get quite close, despite the general expectation that Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, always dominates. It’s a shady tactic that ensures votes are split between two namesake candidates thus increasing another candidate’s chances of winning.
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Republican urged people to 'read the bill' to prove voter suppression — so John Oliver did it

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The main story on "Last Week Tonight's" first show of the season called the GOP's bluff on their voter suppression laws.

State Rep. Matt Schaffer, a Republican from Tyler Texas went on television to tell people upset over the GOP's voter suppression bill to "read the bill. There's no voter suppression. Read the bill and show me what person who is eligible to vote who will not be able to vote. You can't find it."

So, that's what John Oliver did. In fact, his staff read all of them. While Schaffer wants the name of a person in the bill who can't vote like Brian or Steve, what is in the bill is barrier after barrier specifically targeting Democratic voters in Democratic areas of the Republican-run state of Texas.

In particular, the bill in his state gets rid of any 24-hour ballot drop boxes that were put in place during the pandemic so people didn't have to risk their lives to cast a ballot. The precincts where those were used the most proved that 56 percent of the people who used those methods of voting were people of color. The "drive-through voting," which let people drive to the polling place and vote from the safety of their car, was extremely popular as well with 53 percent of the users being people of color.

Oliver went on to show absurd debate discussion where the state House speaker, Texas Rep. Dade Phelan, banned the use of "racism" from the floor when debating the racist voter suppression law that targeted people of color.

Arizona Republican state Rep. Travis Grantham was so triggered by a Democrat alleging that the GOP didn't want "colored people" to vote. After being called out for his use of the term "colored people," he moved to "protect" his tweets from the public.

"Oh, fuck all the way off," Oliver said in response to his complaint while reading a rule book.

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Cop Killer caught and executed between eyes

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can someone please ban the bullshit about trump here?

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70% of threads are some fucking propaganda shit none is reading when all runs by bot scripts.

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