Serbian president goreposting on national tv

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He has been doing this for weeks. Based or not?
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That fucking senile retard gave it away

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@1:50 watch that dumb idiot react in shock when Don Lemon says he is vaxxxed

Not the president: *incredulous look of fear "you Got the vaccination?"

"Are you ok?"

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/pol/ approved anime

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Drop em
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PCR tests

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So this is no longer a conspiracy, right?
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The EU wrote an 18 page report on how humor is a far right tool

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Basically admitting that we're awesome at being funny. Is this old news? I don't remember ever seeing this.
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This place changed from the lefties nemesis to laughing stock within a few years

>wrong about Trump winning
>trust X
>wrong about Chauvin
>wrong about election fraud having any consequences
>vaccine scare
>CCP scare

Simps are inflating the pussy prices

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>Be me
>Fuck lots of escorts and sugar babies
>Usually get prime-tier girls for $100-$150

But now
>Even basic chicks are charging $300+
>Some of them even charge $500
>Ask why: "Because Simps are willing to pay"
>Some of them even expect to be paid just for dinner and dates, won't even give up the pussy

How do we stop Simps from ruining the sexual markets?

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Give me ONE good reason why us superior BLACK MEN don’t enslave all y’all white boys RIGHT NOW as punishment for what you did to my ancestors? FUCK reparations. FUCK affirmative action. FUCK welfare checks. FUCK food stamps. I won’t be satisfied until I see ALL YALL WHITE BOYS shufflin down a dirt road in HEAVY STEEL CHAINS, BEGGING your black-as-bones overlords for food and water. If I’m generous I might let you lick up my PISS off my shorts and eat my SHIT off the sole of my air force 1s. I’ll send you out to the cotton fields to get whipped by my baby girlz until you can’t stand no longer, and then you come back home to your shack to find me BALLS DEEP in your white girl hoe ass as she suck muh dick dry like a RAISIN. Then I’ll let you raise my beautiful mixed babies while I add your hoe ass bitch to my collection of concubines. Maybe then I’ll start to consider us on even ground, white boy. But until then, watch yourself, because that day is coming REAL SOON, and you will NOT be prepared. You want equality? You gon GET equality white boy. And it ain’t gon be pretty..
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