Pokémon Urban Quest #25

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We play as Percival Williams, a socially awkward Pokémaniac with a knack for communicating with Pokémon.
He’s currently on his journey across the Aztlan region while aiming to become a Professional Trainer. He has become tangled up in various sketchy business and situations regarding shady corporations, armed revolutionaries, psychics, giant Pokémon rulers, and dumb teenager stuff.

Your team so far consists of:
Mimikyu(Currently incapacitated) Resting at home.
Loudred Vulpix (Alolan)
“Prince” (Elekid)

Traveling partners:
-Kadabra: A teleporting friend.
-Eli: A punkish girl who aims to be the next regional Pokémon champion
-Gareth: 20 something college dropout who’s starting his Journey a bit too late

-Helping out a murderous psychic/little sister figure that visits our brain from time to time.
-24 days (Approximately) before the fall of Adage Village.
-2 Gym Badges

Move-sets and Inventory:


Battle mechanics:
Previous threads:
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2832974/ (Thread 4 misarchived)
Plot Summary and Misc stuff:

Character profiles! (Work in progress)
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Tai Lung Quest 14

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Welcome back to Tai Lung's path to self discovery, not only for himself but for those around him as well. In the last thread, Tai Lung and his friends continue their year within the Sacred Library. As everyone works to learn more about themselves, Tai Lung slowly increases his own workload by starting martial arts lessons for the public, art lessons for Bao, and continuing his own training along with Ming's. With only 43 weeks remaining, there's still time for the crew to improve but the clock is slowly ticking away.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Tai%20Lung%20quest

Bit of a rough ending in the last thread, sorry about that. It seemed like everything technological decided to rebel and prematurely destroy any semblance of stability I had for writing. Hopefully we can get a few more threads of peace.
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Fallout: No Gods, No Masters 4

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You are the Courier, a human force of nature. It has been over six months when you seized the throne of New Vegas from the Bear and the Bull. Since then, you’ve brought peace to the region, created an entire agriculture industry and have the beginnings of a highly-trained military. What's more, you've fought off NCR President Kimball's efforts to puppet you, exacting a great diplomatic victory.

Though all is not well, there is an impossibly large horde of ghouls bearing down on the region and a powerful mystery faction with spies throughout your region. Your nation faces its greatest threat yet, will the Courier be able to guide the ship through the darkness?

Previous threads
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Enclave Remnant Quest 2

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Good Morning America Welcome to Enclave Remnant Quest Thread 2

Here's the Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Enclave+Remnant+Quest

The Character sheets and general information can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1--Lg-RaDz7yqRx1DwUsE6P3qZzQyJlgBekMXIHUR_WU/edit?usp=sharing
The base calculations for Squad and larger scale combat can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19aZKpugV9t3Y8P4zmBPgpuAASRjE1kHmDyEb3iUY5fQ/edit?usp=sharing
Those calculations do not account for situational modifiers like commander competence, tactics, terrain etc.

As well going forwards for flat +x bonuses for anyone not in the primary action half of their applicable bonus will apply, this goes for both hostile and player actions.
Example: Ford has +10 leadership, Grant has +15 leadership in combat scenarios, Ford rolls a leadership check and Grant helps, the bonus to the roll is +17 (7.5 rounded down).

System goes as follows I will ask 3 posters to roll xd100 depending on the number of tests in the post calling for the roll
If there's 1 test 3 posters will roll 1d100 each
if there's 2 tests 3 posters will roll 2d100 each etc.
Each roll that is below the given DV (Example 50) of the test will be counted as a success
The result of the test depends on how many successes out of 3 were gotten on the test.
Critical success is a 1 and critical failure is 100, they override, and if you get both they negate.

If there is a tie at the end of the designated voting period (Typically an hour, however it may be longer) then a designated tie breaker period will be established (Typically 30 minutes) if by the end of the period the tie isn't broken I will roll a d100 and it will be split accordingly to decide.
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The Great MannCo® Heist Quest:

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People have called you a lot of things in your life. They’ve called you a rat, a snake, a conmen, and a crook, and each and every time, it hurts just a little bit, though usually just because you lost a repeat customer. You don’t worry yourself about that, because while words will never hurt you, sticks and stones can break bones. You’ve broken bones before, that shit hurts, and they’ve got some serious sticks and stones nowadays. Hellfire missiles, Howitzers and the like that can blow your house away without even needing to ever know you existed.

Now don’t mix things up, words can get you far, they got you a job at MannCo, they got you a sweet sweet commission coming from the wallets of the most despicable people on the planet, warlords, words start wars, and less excitingly they end wars, words are incredibly important- to people who don’t know what their talking about. A guy like you who does know what he’s talking about, who knows that there ain’t nothing wrong with fib or two, can make some good use out of meaningless words]. Once you realize that simple fact, you can sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world. You could go on and on about how the law only means as much as a guy with a gun is willing to enforce it, but you’re getting ahead of yourself. You don’t mind people telling you things like, “You’re an asshole,” and “You’re fired,” because that’s all just business. What you do mind is losing money, and <span class="mu-i">getting shot,</span> and those spooks at MannCo not only had the gall to take seventy five percent of each sale, but simultaneously thought that instead of just letting you go, they thought that should ram a seven-six-two into your gut and destroy your dodge viper. You’re not a man to hold a grudge, but you are a man who recognizes opportunity. Through some luck you managed to place your grubby little hands on documents that told you And because bullets are a lot more meaningful than words, you’re currently betting on four shots something interesting. At the top of MannCo’s office building is The Briefcase. Yes. That briefcase. The one that two companies of morons tore each other apart over. The one that another two morons are still tearing each other apart over, and the one that two morons will pay a <span class="mu-i">lot</span> of money for. You’re The Salesman baby, and to make a good sale, you gotta have a good acquisition. You’re gonna steal that briefcase.

So that’s the reason why you’re being hunted. That’s the reason you’re currently being chased by a van driven by a robotic australian who has no qualms about ramming through a poor mother of two’s sedan, while an anonymous shooter strapped to the roof sends subsonic shots through the rear windshield, the first ruining an expensive car radio, the second putting a hole in a passenger seat probably made out of some giant African beast.
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Saiyan Conqueror Quest 159

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It is a time of peace. With Lord Freeza’s explosive declaration, naming himself Emperor of the Universe after single-handedly obliterating the Covenant stronghold High Charity, peace has come to the universe. Not wanting to stand against him and his unstoppable Super Saiyans, within days of his declaration the universe bent the knee. And while there are always outliers, those stubborn or foolish enough to try and resist, the overwhelming majority of the universe is bending the knee. And he wouldn’t have achieved all this, defeated the strongest military in the universe and survived the Prophet’s ultimate weapon without your help.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball EU. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power recognized actoss the universe. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 48 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become his people’s greatest champion.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time
<span class="mu-r">>Pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)</span>
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>One roll post per person, unless at least ten minutes has passed since your last roll then you can roll again
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down
>Do NOT delete votes, instead simply link your change to your previous post as well as the vote post
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start every Saturday at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible


Current Arc: DYNASTY
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Do Your Best Quest #115: 4th Anniversary Edition

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Last time out, the tomato reunion came to fruition, you learned about Gautier’s troubled past and discovered that Oliver is in jail yet again. It doesn’t seem like the ex-terrorist is in bigger trouble than the usual bureaucracy so you’ll wait until morning to lawfully get him out of his predicament. You’re staying inside the camper with Matilda and Wilma, all sleeping on the same mattress because of Wilma's wishes.

Your eyelids open slightly to let the sunlight enter, it’s a new day here in the past time, you never asked what date it is, so you have no idea what day it is. You guessed the year, and not much else, it feels like it’s winter or autumn. It’s just a nice cozy morning, but looking at a calendar wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

You realize you’re in a peculiar position, you somehow ended up in the middle of this cuddling mess, both girls resting on you like you’re a body pillow. Wilma is resting on the left side of your chest, and Matilda resting her head between your shoulder and the pillow under. You’re immobilized by these two – good thing you don’t want to go to the bathroom… yet.

The plan is to take Oliver out of jail as soon as possible, so you’ll start with that…

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Sneak out of this situation and make breakfast for everyone.
>Wake Matilda up to talk for a bit. You need to wake one of them up for an escape route.
>Wake Wilma up to talk for a bit. You need to wake one of them up for an escape route.
>Write In.
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Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest

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Following the Emperor's death at Endor, the once unstoppable Galactic Empire has cracked and began to crumble. While the members of the Rebel Alliance come together to form the NEW REPUBLIC, the remnants of the Empire begin to tear themselves apart at the hands of IMPERIAL WARLORDS who each seek to install them-self as the next emperor. With nearly half the galaxy in the hands of the New Republic, the IMPERIAL REMNANT seems powerless to stop the rebel advance.

Among the soldiers and sailors of the WARLORDS, terror and hope fills men and women in varying forms, as those who serve seek their calls of duty and responsibility, surviving just to live another day in a galaxy without order....
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Eleventh Primarch Quest Chapter 5

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You are Kolinasi Keiko Whatiri.

You have won your first real battle, fought against both Ganth and Drukhari.

Now you are taking your- surprisingly to you- small warp ship to a planet called Nuceria.

Unknown to you, the home of the Primarch of the Twelfth Legion, Angron.

Your new friend, crewmate, rebellion starter and all around troublemaker has given you advice on approaching this planet, but you think you have a better strategy.

“Charon, if you prefer I have a different idea and I want your opinion.” You say and Frank looks at you strangely.

“Of Course Friend.” Charon says.

“Are there any active rebel groups on the planet’s surface that we can make contact with that would likely aid us? Make our fight easier?” You ask and Charon smiles.

“I was wondering if you any of you would ever ask!” Charon says.

“There have been many gladiator revolts on the planet, they happen every so often, the planet is used to it by now. However, one of my old friends, before I was taken by the Ganth, began training with someone. Someone who held very strong anti government sentiments.” Charon then gives a different look.

“He was tall. He was strong. Bigger than any many before. He had supposedly supernatural talents and was a paragon on the battlefield. And.” Charon pauses again fro dramatic effect and looks at your family then to you.

“Looked somewhat familiar to me, when I met you.” He says.

“What?” You let out quickly and surprised. You know there were other pods, but, if one of your brothers survived, much less landed on Nuceria- this is incredibly fortunate indeed. Frank looks shocked then twitches his nose.

“You knew. You knew the second you saw him. I knew I smelled a ploy. Alright. So say this other relative of Kolinasi, what are the chances he would be willing to help?” Frank says.
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Gaol Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

For your various (alleged) crimes against the Eternal Empire, the High Magistrate had sentenced you to life, and thrown you into the Gongalla Gaol: the pit of despair, the mistake of architecture and magic, the continent-sized holding facility. Thankfully, as per the required humanoid decency act, you are issued your mandatory spoon... for what good it does.

Previous threads:

You are James Calaca, a revolutionary troublemaker who the Eternal Empire had graciously thrown into Gongalla Gaol. Not that's going to stop you from trying to escape. A lot had happened since you entered Gongalla, namely new friends by the name of Petunia Karachova and Gobson G. Gobson. Currently, you are in the middle of a vast cubicle farm, trying to find Frank-11's disembodied head to continue looking for a way out. Currently you, Petunia and Gobson are observing a strange sight: a tall person is... doing something to a raptor carcass.
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