Neon Terminus Evangelion - 06 - The Abyss's Gaze

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>Neon Terminus Evangelion
>Episode 06 - "The Abyss's Gaze"

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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #5

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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread, you dealt with a couple of pirates named Treg Kezel and Gildur, and ended up taking in the latter of the three as a cabin-boy, together with a robot named Clank and a baby lizard which you named "Princess".
You spent a good while collecting loot from the downed ships and then headed back to Xebric station. On the way there, you were attacked by the wraith that had been haunting your ship, and managed to beat it to death!
Back on the station, Sadia corp gave you a missive containing important information on Gron's hideout and urged you to deal with the situation.
You then paid a scavenger firm to clean all the loot out of your ship, dropped off your bounties for a bit of cash and stopped by the hospital to visit grandpa gas-bag.

After a slightly traumatic experience, you quickly set up a small workshop in an abandoned warehouse and made your first attempt at smithing warp metal, which went surprisingly well.
Now you find yourself back on the ship, cooking a bit of dinner and relaxing before getting back to work tomorrow.

>Last Thread:
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PKMN Quest (Gold/Silver) Vol. 3

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Back at it again, it's PKMN Gold/Silver!

Where were we again? Oh yeah. You're a PKMN trainer on your PKMN journey. The goal is to get to the top, collect badges, beat the elite 4 and become a PKMN master!
Oh, also you're kind of a deputized cop looking for whoever murdered MR. POKEMON.
And you lost your gun and somebody is running around firing it. Whoops!
But you've got a lead in GOLDENROD CITY. You've just got to meet up with your associate YAMATO and bring the mysterious SENTRET to ELM's CONTACT to get some information out of it.
Simple, right? Right.

We pick up where we left off, looking for YAMATO at the local DEPARTMENT STORE...


Oh yeah before you forget, your current PKMN team consists of:

Totodile - Irwin
Teddiursa - Teddy
Hoppip - Brutaxinator
Togepi - Fuegomelet
Onyx - Rocky
Slowbro - Brosef

You have 6 Pokeballs and a Fast Ball, and uh... about 2000g? something like that.
Quest Archive:
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You are Paul Aleman, a retired adventurer turned Tavernkeeper. This is your story.

Let's begin with a bit of background. How did you come to be the (not necessarily proud) owner of your very own tavern?

>As a shrewd adventurer you always made sure to divide up the treasure to favor yourself, and always saved more than you spent. Over the years and through numerous investments, it added up--then it fell apart. The tavern is all you have left now.

>It's your father's old place. His dying wish was for you to take over for him--you said no--but he put the tavern in your name anyway. Now you're just waiting for a buyer with deep pockets to come along.

>Serendipity mostly. Your last job had you track down a murderer and kidnapper for a local lord. You found him and killed him--but he was already dead. Late stage lungworm disease. He had a little boy, no one to look after him, so you decided it was good a time to retire take up a more peaceful trade.
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The time has come my friends.

[u]Welcome one and all to the official great tournament of /qst/ waifus, a prestigious contest I invented like yesterday to find the answer to that ominous question that we have long sought an answer to.[/u]

<span class="mu-i">>"Who is the best /qst/ waifu?"

We will find out at last

>"Wait a minute isn't the 'best' purely subjectiv-"

Shut the hell up.</span>

Before we begin, let us go over a few essential suggestions in the form of a rule set for users to follow.
<span class="mu-s">
>Zardoz says the COOM is good........... in checked amounts
>posting fanart is good, but please, no explicit images showing nudey parts or god forbid a motherfucking nipple, this is still a blueboard in the end and shouldn't put something on janny's plate when on /qst/ his plate is almost ALWAYS empty. This is also to not give janny a reason to banny anyone, so please no explicit
>Try to keep your autism reasonable, banter is perfectly acceptable in a lighthearted manner and we love those kind of playful moods, tirades full of actual malice for basically no real reason over fictional characters or some micro-annoyance that you allow to be a big deal for youself nobody likes, so please refrain from unleashing your power level ITT
>This goes for 'warring' over waifus too, keep it clean gents
>If you want to discuss, do so amicably among yourselves, in other words have fun imagining scenarios in which these waifus interact if you want to start greentexting stories, if you for any reason decide to write smut then post so offsite
>Remember that above all, this thread stands mostly as an appreciation of our board and the small community it has, we come here today to celebrate two things we all know and love, waifus and quests
>Try to not use this thread as an opportunity to pester the QM you like about something if a QM posts here.
>QMs, you may shill your quest, but try to only do so ONCE, and only when asked, if that is not too much to ask and you don't mind
>I love you all hugs and kisses /qst/ is a wonderful thing we've all taken part in

<span class="mu-s">MESSAGE TO JANNY AND MODS</span>
This event is a one time thing, I do not plan to do this yearly or whatever. With a ton of respect from the bottom of my heart, please kindly allow this, just this once.
I love you, hugs and kisses mwah
And thanks for the banner, once again

[u]Alright, lets a go.[/u]
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 12

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Previous Threads:
You are Lieren, Brother of Magnus of Prospero, Son of Wenyan of Nothing and Son of a nameless and distant father, Grand Architect of Long Jia, Head of the ministry of development, Lover of Kanzeon, Grand Master of the Wanderers in the Fog, savior of the oppressed and abused, gentle hearted giant and the nemesis of lords of discord and their servants living or dead.

Having overcome the tribulation forced upon you by the reawakened self titled lord of paradox, Chung Qiang and endured the wrath of Kong Nue, to inspire hop within the heart of the trapped spirit Arianka, you were rescued from the wicked spirit Be'lakor's cowardly blade by the arrival of your creator, your "birth" father, the emperor of mankind and were made to swear an oath of silence of the true nature of chaos and the Empyrean. Being granted the privledge of meeting one of the indomitable warriors spun from your genetic code, you imparted words of wisdom and advice to the Noble Dae-Hyun, the leader of the legion of Adeptus Astartes made in your image.

Returning then to the realm of the living, upon Shangrala, You returned to your duties as architect and researched the use of Yin Qi and devised a new martial style with Kanzeon's assistance. Precise and deadly and able to be utilized by psykerists to depower similarly empowered opponents, you named the new art after the night crane's whose movements its resembled.

Fearing an attack from the tyrants Nityah Sinha and Kamal Kanan, you advised King Long-Jia Jinhai to seek allies in the Bask lands and launch a preemptive and felling strike against the bordering nations of villains.

And so you, Kanzeon, the Brothers of the Panthers, and Feng's new bride Akanksha of the Third tribe of the once Wild Vishnu, marched across the Kang border into the domain of the lord of the desert's night. Equipping your fellow hunters with armor designed after that worn by the Aeldari raiders and weaponry eons more advance than any other upon Shangrala, and warding them in carefully carved and expertly designed Null Denouncement Charms, you began to hunt the Sorcerer Tyrant in his own kingdom.

Striking like lightning falls, you encountered villains and monsters more blackhearted than you had yet encountered, and slaughtered them and tore down their towers while fanning the flames of revolution while spreading the Null Denouncement Script amongst the oppressed masses as you liberated them from their slavemasters. Reaching the Shuni Heartland with Kanzeon alone, you encountered an atrocity beyond any committed in recorded history

Kamal Kanan had converted the populace of the nine most populated and vibrant cities of his kingdom in Magical beasts, and befouled the very land they were constructed upon.

Marching to battle against this legion of monsters, you breached the gates of Kamal Kanan's strong hold and confronted the vile witch
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Read the rules:
How to play:

The dice you put in the "options" box is:

>What is /conqst/?
/conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. By joining this game, you are constantly involved with the drastic changes of the global story through events, new civilizations, strong national strategies, and diplomacy.

>Can I join/Stop playing?
Yes and yes! Read the how to play guide. If there isn't any free territory (shaded in white), some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players). If you want to stop playing, just either let me know or stop going to this thread.

>How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
Not too hard. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to either attack, fortify, or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll. The how to play guide covers more on all of this.
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Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO

Tai Lung Quest 15

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Welcome back to Tai Lung's path to self discovery, not only for himself but for those around him as well. In our last thread, the group continues to live among the people of the Sacred Library and Tai Lung works to improve himself by advancing through the ranks of the order as well as trying to juggle being a teacher on two fronts. One for the alchemist Ming, and the other for the people of the city he resides in.
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In Ashes' Wake #1

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You do not feel anything at first, it is as if you were asleep. At first, a few whispers of consciousness form within your mind, you begin to regain your self-awareness. A split second later you begin to feel the ashes scorching the insides of your lungs. Then, the rest of your body's pain. That is when you remember, when you realize what has happened, when you wake up. Varanash, your home village has been attacked. You are pinned under the debris of what used to be your house and the mind begins to wonder "Who attacked us? How and why? And are those responsible still out there?"
Before any other questions are asked, you decide to try and move. It doesn't seem like your injuries are too serious so it is time to dig yourself out of the rubble. Shouldn't be too hard for a
such as yourself.
As you push through, you are reminding yourself who your are and why you will not simply lay down and wait for death's embrace.
>a Knight of the Kingdom of Solis, stationed here as a guard
>a promising pupil of the Magus Council, who took time off his studies of the arcane
>a humble villager, nothing more than an ordinary farmer
>a Thief with a heart of gold, playing his tricks on the nobles so he may share their wealth with the poor
Your name is...
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The Last Sunhawk #4

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Four years have passed since what is now called “the Sunwell Crisis” - a time when the infamous Sunhawks, led by prince Kael’thas Sunstrider, attempted to summon the demonic Burning Legion into this world. In a desperate struggle the mad tyrant and his slavish loyalists were defeated - and a new age has begun for the elvenkind, one of recovery and prosperity.

But you are ‘Lynestra Dawnstrider’, the last Sunhawk. And currently - the errand girl to the robber baron of Strahnbrad and the Shadow Council's bitch. Having to juggle your allegiances to the dark wizards and Alterac's brigands was always going to be a challenge in itself - but the worst is yet to come, as the list of the Syndicate's enemies is ever growing. Having just survived a close encounter with a new menace: Stromgarde's undead allies, you are in desperate need of recovery and rest.
Who knows, if you're getting either?

>Google document, constantly updated

>Twitter, because you have to have one these days

>Previously, on the Last Sunhawk

Hopefully, you've spent this break doing productive things, like playing story campaigns of Warcraft III. We're back.
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