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>120 lbs
>Same height and 5 pounds above where I was when I was 16 (am 23)
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anyone else have/had skin bridges on their penis from a fucked up circumcision?

I did, but I fixed it when I was like 16 by getting drunk, getting some sharp scissors, and cutting them. So now my penis is very ugly and scarred but not like totally deformed like before.
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How many times has a girl blatantly implied or offered to have sex with you? My personal count is two but I was not interested in either girl
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Robots can generally agree that girls care about looks, personality, money, and status. Most robots also struggle with girls, so how can we maxx these things to get gfs?
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/r9k/ sucks now

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>The real Robot Thread got derailed by normalfags
>HAAAAAA look at me i am a robot i have a gf and have sex

/r9k/ sucks now It is clearly obvious that NONE of you guys were on /r9k/ during the early 2010s. If you're gonna post on /r9k/ at least learn the difference between Robot and Incel

Incel means Someone who feels Involuntarily Celibate and is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts.

Incel doesn't mean virgin it doesn't mean misogynist it doesn't mean school shooter or spree killer or that you're a unhygienic NEET/Hikikomori in moms basement it just means someone who feels like they cannot have sex or be in a relationship incels are both virgins and non-virgins.

A Robot on the other hand is a socially awkward autistic male who has NEVER had sex nor NEVER been in a relationship before

Most Robots want GFs and sex but feel like they cant get it which makes them overlap with incels but the difference is where as incels are sex obsessed and make that apart of their identity Robots do focus on their frustrations but also focus on other things.

Robot doesn't mean Cyborg it doesn't mean failed normalfag it doesn't mean underage high school kid with no friends it doesn't mean being gay or trans or black and yes they are similar to incels but they are not completely the same thing Robot just means beta male virgin outcast with no gf.

Incels are both virgins and non-virgins

Robots all of them are virgins.

/r9k/ died after 2016 nobody on here is actually a real robot anymore.

This board used to be about virginity loneliness depression feels and greentext stories about autism chad Stacy school shooters and chicken tenders but now its about being gay or trans and wanting to e-date on discord getting cucked and women looking for attention even though fembots are not real.
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Have you ever gone on an actual, bona fide date?
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>quit 4chan and other stupid shit
>try to be outgoing 24/7
>get zero matches on tinder
>not fat, have hair, clear skin
>bought tinder plus when I was drunk
>sat there swiping for hours and never one match
>managed to talk to some girls most seemed like whores and too far away to do anything


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How much we won on the saturday scratch cards?
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you should cut down porn usage
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Mom and Dad just got into a big fight right now when my dad just woke up and threw all my moms luggage for her trip all around their room, they were both arguing in spanish about supposed mistresses and supposed boy toys and my mom leaving to visit her family in mexico
The last time they fought like this was around 6 years ago when they seperated for like a year before getting back together because they're old and there's no other choice, last night they went out with friends for the first time in like months so maybe that has something to do with it
My dad was supposed to come on the trip with her but he said he couldn't because of construction with his business or something
They're probably gonna seperate again maybe soon idk, they're both pretty old at this point so maybe it's just got something to do with a midlife crisis but I swore they already did that like 6 years ago
Its just annoying because I thought they were over all of it and I just stood outside my watching them but I guess old habits die hard, idk
I'm prolly just continue obviously watching them, they just tell me "anon, go to your room and sleep, it's our issue"
I mean it is their issue but they did this same exact shit six years ago with the same exact arguments, its annoying