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What sport at the olympics has the biggest Chad athletes? I say it is wrestling. I imagine that if you even won a medal in this, you could basically choose any of those juicy track and field women. Second place is 100m sprinters.
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Olympics Football

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100% Jesus edition

2nd matchday - starts in 1 bong

>Japanese Time
Egypt - Argentina | 16:30 - Group C
France - South Africa | 17:00 - Group A
New Zealand - Honduras | 17:00 - Group B
Brazil - Cote d'Ivore | 17:30 - Group D
Australia - Spain | 19:30 - Group C
Japan - Mexico | 20:00 - Group A
Rumania - South Korea | 20:00 - Group B
Saudi Arabia - Germany | 20:30 - Group D

use reddit soccerstreams or check >>111436189 streams
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How many?
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/cyc/ - Olympic Road Race Women

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At this moment
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/ozlympics/ - Australia & New Zealand Olympics general

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Golden Girls edition

Australian schedule
New Zealand schedule
Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic Games
Watch live and free

>what's on today?
>Women's Artistic Gymnastics: 4:10pm
>Men's Water Polo: 4:30pm
>Women's Kayak: 4:48pm
>Equestrian Dressage: 6:00pm
>Men's Basketball: 6:20pm
>Men's Hockey: 7:30pm
>Mixed Doubles Badminton: 7:40pm
>Men's Soccer: 8:30pm
>Men's Lightweight Boxing: 8:54pm
>Men's Dinghy: 3:35pm
>Women's Kayak: 4:48pm
>Men's Soccer: 6:00pm
>Men's Hockey: 9:45pm
all times AEST (WA is -2, NZ is +2)
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nerve edition
dillashaw vs yan next
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I didn't watch the opening ceremony. Why did people say it was bad?
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Do Americans still care about Olympics?

What's the point anymore, literally anyone can be American.
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A total of 49 gold medals are at stake in the swimming event.

Some criticize Blame that US for making swimming too granular to make it easier for the US to win the Olympics.

In fact, So far, the number of all gold medals in swimming is 559, and the total number of medals is over 1600. But half of those gold medals are owned by the US, with more than 500 American swimming medals combined
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/seriea/ + /calciomercato/ - The Ibiza Man edition

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Congratulation to Inter, Milan, Atalanta and Juventus for qualifying for UCL 2021-22.
Congratulations to Napoli and Lazio for qualifying to UEL 2021-22.
Congratulations to Roma for qualifying to UECL 2021-22.
Congratulations to Bees for Europe (coached by FatFonseca) and the Scottish dude's team for winning the Eurofanta league for Euro 2020 (+1)!

>Allegri to Juventus is official
>Spalletti to Napoli is official
>S. Inzaghi to Inter is official
>Sarri to Lazio is official
>Dionisi to Sassuolo is official
>Italiano to La Viola is official
>Di Francesco to Hellas Verona is official
>D'Aversa to Sampdoria is official
>Juventus is rushing towards signing Locatelli
>No truth about Griezmann-Dybala or Ronaldo-Icardi swaps
>Inter board is open to signing Nandez
>Roma confident in signing Xhaka: they'll prepare a new bid in the next few days
>Torino interested in Marko Pjaca
>Roma offered €12.5m to Palmeiras for Matias Viña
>Roma is interested in Azmoun from Zenit, but have to face competition from Bayer Leverkusen
>Gollini to Tottenham is official
>Romero will join Tottenham from Atalanta - 40m + 10m in bonuses
>Atalanta will replace Romero either with Demiral or Sven Botman
>Milan set to complete the signing of Rubin Kazan Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, according to a report from Russia.
>Marotta confirms interest on Bellerin
>Padoin is joining Juventus's coaching staff
>Milan is working on bringing back Dalot from Manchester United

Remember that friendlies have started, take your meds, not post if you're from a third world country, keep it comfy, crusty and smelly.
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