Idoly Pride

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How are you guys doing in summer event?
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Cookie Run Games: This is Fine

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Welcome to a thread of cookies and running. Not much new content at the moment. Let's recap:

>Season 6 is out!
>Most people HATE the invocation cards, grind and reworks
>Devs have stayed mostly quiet despite Korean rioting and totally brave Twitter accounts not posting for 24 hours. That showed em.
>Damage control ensures - Free tokens/cards and easier ways to obtain them. Still suck though.
>This never would have happened had you not blamed Bday Cake Cookie. It's a curse I tell you. Repent!
>Custom Runs return - Get a new lobby!
>Craft Invocation Shards until the 14th in the lab!
>Invocation Card Readings until the 14th!
>Still over 18 days left for the other events! Relax and take your time!
>Not much new stuff at the moment!
>Bound to change soon!
>Cake Tower Vanguard - Do...what you've been doing in that tower! Just more of it!
>Pure Vanilla Season 3 ends in 5 days!
>Sea Fairy and Mango are still available for a little over three weeks!
>Tropical Soda Islands theme is still a bop!
>Cookie Run Kingdom must download additional resources!
Puzzle World
>Contact! We've got 4, wait 6, no, 12...
>A lot of aliens headed your way!
>Incoming! Smoke em' if you got em'!

On a scale of [I LOVE IT] to [I LOVE IT A LOT], how much do you ADORE the Season 6 update? How much are you gonna care about the cookie battle royale? Did the update make you dislike Lilac or cutie snek in the AoE? Have you gotten used to the new systems? Will you ever? What do you think Devsis should do, wise one? Which two cookies should be used for the next Ovenbreak/Kingdom new character hostage exchange? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Touhou Lost Word

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Jannies, this game is the only way you will ever be a woman. Now fuck off and let us talk about the game.
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Dokkan Battle

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Rainbow Tickets are about to save your ass if you still haven't pulled UI Goku or Evo Vegeta.
We're all gonna make it brahs.
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Hellagur from Arknights.
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Bleach Brave Souls

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>Ichigo/Rukia rerun is live
>Main movie banner will stay for another week
>Senbonzakura premium shit no one wants
TYBW is dead (again), SAFWY is no where to be found yet. The only thing we know there is to be excited about is 6th anniversary in 2 months, so what are you keeping busy with? I'm trying to figure out how to finish floor 48 of IoT with my meager units in a minute.
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Will you summon on this year's second Summer banner?
Thoughts on the current Seals (Spd/Res Form, Infantry Rush)?
Who do you think this month's Mythic Hero could be?
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Tales of Mobages

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Is anyone still playing Rays/Asteria/Crestoria? Can they survive this year?
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How is everyone doing with the Layle event? Did you pulled Mommy Celes?
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Anyone know any good mobile games that aren't gachas or pat to win/play?