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How do the mods determine which thread they will autosage?

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This was an old avatar I had, does anyone have the full image? I believe it's Dante from the DMC series.

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Requesting the complete fairly oddparents collection as a torrent thanks

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I have never played a true horror game in my life.
Closest thing I've played are zombie games I guess, but definitely more action focused then horror.

Any suggestions on what I should play?
Bonus points for PC games or easy to emulate games
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Yaranaika Dango Brothers?

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I’m looking a vulgar version of the dango brothers song that contains the pictured memetic faces. Thanks in advance.

Tracking down a book

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I'm trying to locate a copy of Japanese Language Patterns: A Structural Approach by Anthony Alfonso. The only versions I've been able to find are a pdf of the first of the two volumes, a $500 copy on Amazon of a much older edition supposedly in mint condition (which I don't trust), and a made-to-order service available through, of all places, the Australian literary archives, except the copyright means that even if I order a full version of all 1200+ pages they might not be able to make me a book (and it's prohibitively expensive). Supposedly an ebook version exists of the 1992(?) version, but not even the university that published the book has any information on it, and the only remaining route of going to a library means travelling 80 miles to the nearest place with a copy. I'm at my wits end trying to obtain a copy of this thing, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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I haven't read any manga in years, but I'm bored and wanted to read something. What are some good websites to search for, as well as read manga?
Keep in mind I don't want sites to download volumes, but just to read them online.