Ask the opposite sex anything thread

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Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/

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10 days until Halloween

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My fiance is constantly watching heavily propaganda filled television. It's not just Netflix with their constant gay, trans, or minority majority cast shit. It's also older shows which manage to squeeze in leftist propaganda at every scene.

The most recent binge is saved by the bell, which is basically every episode lecturing to children about how men should win beauty pageants or how all men are pigs.

What the fuck can I do about this?
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Do I have a white pass?

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I'm Brazilian with Italian heritage. Thing is, do I look white in America or in your country?
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What should I do to hide my disgusting protruding mouth?
I look like a fucking monkey and I haven’t found any surgery that can give me a normal human face.
My side profile looks like Nicki Minaj on the left(and just like her, I am a nigger). I want my side profile to look like Ariana Grande's on the right. Is there any surgery for that?
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ATOGA - Ask The Opposite Gender Anything

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It's one of those nights anons, bless each other with some sexy, practical wisdom.

Should I tell her what happened?

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I fucked up and I’m not sure what to do to cause the least hurt.

>work with 2 girls, A and B
>meet A on day 1 of job really get along and become friends quickly despite fact she’s 8 years older than me
>only meet B 5 months into job at work drinks, but hit it off and start texting most days
>two weeks into this texting, go to a colleague’s leaving do
>B and I get a little handsy under the table but stop because we’re with coworkers
>end of night offer to walk A home
>when we get to hers she invites me in
>when we get in she pours me a drink and invites me into bed
>don’t sleep together but get a little handsy until she says we should stop
>says she’s worried about her reputation after she got burned by 2 previous coworkers
>she actually bursts into tears talking about it at one point
>also mentions that she thinks B really likes me
>agree to never bring up what almost happened between us
>stay close friends afterwards, speak every day at work and text occasionally outside of work
>continue to speak to B every day as well
>A brings up B fairly sometimes in our conversations, tells me to hurry up and make a move
>on another night out B admits that she does like me and we kiss
>fast forward 2 months
>left job for better one, still stay in contact with A and B
>supposed to go round to B’s to “watch a film” this weekend, first time meeting up outside of work

I really feel like I should tell B what happened with A (even though we aren’t even technically dating now and I never slept with A), but I also really don’t want to betray A’s trust/fuck her over.

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Is there a way to stop wrinkles from coming on? I need to hold onto my youth as much as possible. Mine aren't old-people wrinkles yet but I can see the lines forming and they're coming on, and if I wanted to date a young chick she'd be able to tell if she looked close at my forehead.
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What are the chances I autistically friendzoned this girl?

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>be me in high school (2018-2020)
>have female classmate/friend, about 5/10 in terms of physical beauty IMO if we're being very optimistic
>let's call her Emma
>she's a nerdy introvert, Emma used to go to anime festivals with me, we used to have inside jokes and she would often have the same taste as me in retarded zoomer memes
>there was one period of time where she got an opportunity to sit next to me and she would
>one day Emma texted me "you know anon, I love you"
>I think "fuck, this is bad. I'm not attracted to her, I just want to be friends."
>I ask her "what do you mean? love as in, platonic? as friends?", since that's what I wanted to believe
>she confirms it
>I reply "oh, okay. thought so", because that's what I wanted to believe that was going on
>I 100% bought what she said because I thought it would be in her best interest to say she actually viewed me as a man
>ffw 2021
>I'm now 20 years old and in college
>I remember this conversation and I think about it some more
>I probably "friendzoned" Emma
>still no girlfriend, still a virgin, still (literally) autistic

How likely am I right to suspect Emma was in love with me? Should I just ask her?
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Some years ago i was married (i was 23 at the time), my wife couldnt have children so her best friend donated eggs and we hired another woman to subrogate for us, the egg donor was a 18 years old little mess, she was on drugs and had a toxic lifestyle, but my wife was very stubborn that she wanted her to be the donnor.

I was absolutly in love with my wife, so at the end i accepted. However a year later my wife cheated on me and we divorced. Gladly we had a prenup and she never got attached to my daughter as i did. Probably because she wasn't the biological Mom. but in the divorce she gave up the custody to me.

Years have passed from that, my daughter Is now 7 years old. I

Last week the egg donor contacted me. She has changed for sure, honestly she seems a totally different person, looks like she Is clean from drugs now. And she finished college and now have a high paying job.

She wanted to talk about my daughter, she wanted to meet my child and be part of her life, and she went as far to ask me out ok a date band see "if we were compartible" and that's the issue. I dont wanted her to meet my child. She Is just a random stranger. Im resume told her that i dont wanted her in our lives, she must be nuts if she thinks that she can show up just like that and demand rights she doesnt have.

But today my child told me that "her mommy" approached her outside school and told her that she loved her and stuff like that. At first i thought about my ex wife, but It seems she left the state a while ago and never looked back. Then i called the egg donor and she admited meeting my daughter. I told her to never talk to her again or i will call the police.

But my daughter is angry over it, she says that she wants her "mommy". She has this childish idea that im a villian and i want to set them apart. I know that growing up without a mother must be hard, but that woman Is not her mother. Do i involve the police? Im afraid that woman could harm my kid.
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