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want to turn this into lead white, and then the lead white from that into red lead
what all do i need? currently i figure
>large container or multiple jars
>fermenting liquid for co2
>something that i can heat it with to a specific temperature
does this seem sound?
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12V drills

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I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe. I was really skeptical that a 12V drill would be good/powerful enough, but this really surprised me. It's powerful enough to use a 73mm hole saw which I use regularly as an electrician. It drains the battery pretty quickly though when using the hole saw, but a spare fixes that.

Any other DIYers redpilled on 12V tools?
What's the best brand and bang for the buck?
What other 12V tools do you recommend?

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What the hell kind of machine is this and is supposed to be moving that giant ribbon of red hot steel at MACH fucking 6?
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New homeowner advice

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I just bought my first home, and I have no DIY experience. What are some projects/maintenance I should do first? The house is ~2000sq ft, 2 stories, 3 bed 2 bath. It's located in the mountains where it snows in the winter. It's on about a half acre of land.

I'd like some basic advice too in regards to home ownership.
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Multi tools

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Multi tool thread show me your tools.
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/ohm/ - electronics general: spooky ghost detector circuit edition

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Thread got acid trap'd >>2223419

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:

>Don't ask, roll:

>Archive of Popular Electronics magazines (1954-2003):
>Some guy’s list of electronics resources:
>Microchip Tips and Tricks PDF:
>Li+/LiPo batteries required reading:

>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Design/verification tools:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
KiCAD (PCB layout software, v5+ recommended)
Logisim Evolution

Mouser, Digi-Key, Arrow, Newark, LCSC (global)
RS Components (Europe)
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>Related YouTube channels:
Ben Eater

>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
>consumer product support or PC building?
>household/premises wiring?
More rules-driven than engineering, try /qtddtot/ or sparky general first
>antigravity and/or overunity?
Go away
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Half my lawn is dead grass after a guy came here and sprayed weedkiller, though some of it is slowly growing back in these past rainy months
How do I grow my grass back and what kind of weedkiller wont kill it?
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Vax card template

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Hey does anyone have a blank template for the front and back of these things? I kinda need it for a little project.
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/wwg/ Woodworking General

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Emerald Ash Borer, Destroyer of Worlds edition

Welcome to /wwg/! Here we discuss the working of wood and the tools and techniques used to do so. General carpentry question such as framing/decking/general construction might get a better response in /qtddtot/ or /sqt/.

>essential /wwg/ books

Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, gives you everything you need and shows you how to do it multiple ways, from hand tools to power tools and gives you the knowledge to determine which is best, and then he teaches you how to apply what you learned. The PDF of the second book can be found in the usual places, but the other two are MIA.

Christopher Schwarz tells you everything you need to know about planes and saws, and their use
Handplane Essentials
Handsaw Essentials
Best to find this one in PDF from the usual sources, out of print and pricey!

Chris Pye wrote the book on carving, and keeps on writing them.

The eastern tradtion, Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate

Leonard Lee The Complete Guide to Sharpening, how to sharpen most everything.

Bob Flexner - Finishing 101, covers the common stuff, his other books cover the uncommon and go into more depth

Illustrated Cabinet Making by Bill Hylton, learn to design furniture that won't fall apart

>essential /wwg/ tv

Previous thread: >>2191784
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Stupid Questions thread

Sup /diy/, poorfag here. Would this 5 amp harbor freight chinesium angle grinder be good enough to cut through part of the steel k-member of a car?
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