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Stupid questions thread / Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm trying to blur the eyes/nose on a movie in after effects. Tracked motion, applied to null object, using tracking info to drive an adjustment layer on top of eyes/nose. Due to lighting and movement, tracked movement is not precise enough, so I'm tweaking the shape and position to follow the face's perspective/position changes. I've activated keyframes on Mask Path, Mask Opacity (for when blur is not needed) and Position, see pic related.
I'm scrolling trough the video and adapting the mask's shape/position as needed, 30 seconds of footage in, I preview my work and to my surprise the mask has changed shape from what I originally set it as, and basically all my work carefully shaping the mask to the subjects face is gone. It's close to what I shaped it, but different enough to fuck me up. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to keyframe so I actively lock the masks shape/size as desired?

tl;dr how do I lock an adjustment layer's mask's shape/size per keyframe?
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ITT: Emojis you actually like.
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>when you were hired to be a graphic designer but they keep giving you artworker/production art jobs


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Post whatever youre working on at the moment and receive feedback

Ill start, a vector/photo collage inspired by death grips come up and get me lol
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Pirating Others Content

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So do any of you just take other people content & sell it to clients

Thoughts on this design trend?

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I think it's a decent way to fill empty space, but I'll probably get really tired of it in one or two years because it's gonna be totally overused
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90/early 2000s Soul Thread

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Back when design wasn't infected by the globohomo and tech was seen as a 'hope' for the future and actually looked futuristic, unlike the flat/minimal style we see today

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Itt: your favorite logos
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How does one create the selective textured effect like pic related in Illustrator alone?
Hard mode: No Photoshop or textures from stock pictures.