If you could create a country and its people - what would they be?

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In my case:
Some large overseas colony away from Europe (Argentina, Australia or South Africa).
~90-100 million
70% Atlantid/Alpinid (Central/North Italians, South/Central French, Swiss, South Germans, Austrians, British);
10% Meds (South Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and Greeks);
10% Nords (North French, North Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians);
7% some of the Slavs (Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats);
3% minorities (Polynesians).
Classical. A mixture between Italian and French culture with a steely reverence for Ancient Rome and the Napoleonic era.
Overwhelming majority are Christians (mostly Roman Catholics, but other denominations are also present) or atheists; any other religions are allowed except for Islam and Judaism.
>political system
Fascist republic with some form of National-Syndicalism/Bonapartism/Principate.
>legal system
Napoleonic Code.
>state language
Classical Latin.