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rainy season edition
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/lat/ - hilo latino

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hilo anime
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Why does Poland like burning coal so much?
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hyvää joulua painos
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A general to bully each other’s accents.
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Korean girls so beautiful ooooooooooooo
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/lang/ - language learning general

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Sanskrit edition

>What language(s) are you learning?
>Share language learning experiences!
>Ask questions about your target language!
>Help people who want to learn a new language!
>Participate in translation challenges or make your own!
>Make frens!

Read this shit some damn time:

Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages:

Lots of books on linguistics of various kinds, as well as language courses:

Check this pastebin for plenty of language resources as well as some nice image guides:
https://pastebin.com/ACEmVqua (embed) (embed)

Torrents with more resources than you'll ever need for 30 plus languages:

List of trackers for most language learning packs:

Ukrainianon's list of commercial courses fromrutracker.org:
https://pastebin.com/3EWMhSPN (embed) (embed)

Russianon's list of comprehensible input resources:

Pastebin that archives challenges:

>How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects?
Read the damn wiki
>Should I learn lang Y so I can learn lang X?
>What is the most useful language?
>What language should I learn?
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Sverigetråden - Dabbande upplagan

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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2724

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DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese language.
Japanese speakers learning English are welcome, too.

Read the guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese:

Archive of older threads: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/Daily%20Japanese%20Thread/

Translation requests, insults, politics, reddit posts, lust, learning method / eceleb discussions: >>>/jp/djt

Previous Thread: >>153672847
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