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>be me
>18, zoomerhon, shit genetics
>also very doompilled (albeit rightfully so)
>wanna be able to schizomode without being a tripfag so i join a /tttt/ranny server on discord
>non-stop BDD
>literal youngshits thinking they're manmoders
>surrounded by moggers
>they constantly hugbox me
>"nooo you aren't fucked"
>"you basically already pass !!1"
>"you pass, just as a big fat ugly woman with PCOS whos tall"
>meanwhile, i'm literally the only one who doesn't pass or have passing potential at least
>disregard all of my problems as "BDD", despite seeing me and my problem areas on numerous occasions
>they know i'm fucked, but would never admit it for some sick reason

i feel bad because outside of this, they're all really nice and chill people, but holy fuck i hate seeing people that have what i desperately want but never will still be ungrateful. it genuinely makes me wanna cope and rope.