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>[U.C 0082]

>Two years have passed since the conflict between the Earth's Federal Government and the now ruined Principality of Zeon had drawn to a close, with the Federations Forces managing to regain total control of the Earth and the colonies. Having lost the majority of its key admiralty in the war, along with their decision to hastily begin developing counter measures for potential Zeon remnant insurrections, Admiral Gene Conally is made Supreme Commander of the Earth's Federal Forces, while Jamitov Hymens anti-terror task force, [Titans], are formally approved and funded by the Dakar Senate. To solidify their power base and to show the world their resolve, Gene Conally and the Titans oversee the execution of Zeons Supreme Commander, Gihren Zabi.

>In these two years of relative peace, the Earth has slowly begun to recover from the scars of the war, while the reconstruction effort of the colonies are stunted by political elements on Earth and spacenoid remnant groups refusing to surrender. As the final days of this false peace continue on, the seeds of a new war, possibly greater than even the one before, have begun to take root...


>This thread will detail the period prior to chapter II, over viewing the stories of the survivors of the previous cast. Certain decisions made in this thread will influence the following...

-Faction chosen for part II.
-Who will fight for what side.
-Initial bonuses for all sides

>Who will survive?