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i have absolutely ZERO reason to like it, yet i fucking ADORE this thing, why is that?
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Hardy-Daytona edition

>Motorcycle Tips and Tricks (except wheelies, no one knows how to those because they are dangerous)
>Motorcycle Parts and How To Steal Them From Your Local Dealership
>Motorcycles may attract males, but be sure to adjust PSI and suspension for a pillion rider
>Motorcycle pictures that have been posted already
>Motorcycle Posters Who Don't Own A Motorcycle (nobike)
>Motorcycle maintenance
>Namely working on the straight-piped bobber at 3am
>Bar input is overrated; peg input is where it's at
>Posting with text in the name field was never allowed
>Motorcycle anime Sephiroth (you can't post anybody else)

Useful stuff:

Twist of the Wrist II brought to you by McDonald's:

Twist of the Wrist I by Beef Code (never frozen):


READ THE STICKY: >>23526953

Threadly Arai reminder to follow.

Previous thread: >>24746807
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the retro era was a mistake
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How do you replace the chain in the engine?
no i am not paying a mechanic Fuck you

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follow-up thread. they paid out $11.5k on the car. wtf even is this market.
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How did you learn about cars?

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Trying to teach myself how cars work has been a struggle since I don't know anyone who knows anything about cars. I've made some progress - a year ago I had 0 understanding, now I understand how most of the fundamental systems work in theory, and i've replaced my own rotors, pads, sway bar end links and ball joints, and removed & cleaned the pcv system on my car. Soon i'll be replacing the valve cover gasket and doing all the belts. but still I look inside my engine bay or at my undercarriage and there are so many things I don't have the slightest clue what the hell they are.
I've mainly just been reading and watching videos and working on my own car. Is this a good way to continue? how did you all become as knowledgeable as you are?
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Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO

/hg/ 本田 - Honda General

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Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opinions

Need help identifying a chassis

Last Thread
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>External Combustion Engine
>Unlimited Differential
>White Power Steering
>Unlocking Differential
>Unparalleled Parking
>Gear Sphere
>Catalytic Reverter
>Mid suspension
>Tesla converted to run on ethanol
>17 Wheeler
>Cutting someone on
>No wheel drive
>Boot inside the glove box
>Lower Alt arms
>Cube joints
>Untie rods
>Steering Palm
>steering lever
>post-selector gearbox
>lag enhancer
>tension beam suspension
>hypergolic shock absorbers
>middle manager cylinder
>diesel particulate befouler
>No Scroll Turbo
>Heat Conditioning
>Cool Heated Seats
>1 speed manual
>Clutch Throttle
>air unconditioning
>oil warmer
>cabin freezer
>no terrain tires
>transmission powder
>alloy seats
>engine wiring vest
>hair conditioner condenser
>column brake
>fuel rejector
>coolant filter
>studio axle
>shock generators
>minutes per revolution
>carbon crystal chassis
>rod gasket
>sun floor
>head stress
>pro-theft device
>ride depth
>don't check engine light
>cup throwers
>invariable valve lift
>lock braking system
>pig iron drive shaft
>sock box
>supernaturally aspirated engine
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Trucker thread

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I have a CDL A I have not used in a few years
Should I go down to the ports in LA and help out?
I am sure they are paying really well right now...r..right guys?
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