Weeb Hate Thread

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Weebs should get the rope. You will never be Japanese. If you fetishize Jap women and simp for Japan at every given opportunity then you're a degenerate scumbag. Japan for Japanese and Europe for Europeans. You are just another gaijin nigger.
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Cain did nothing wrong

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Cain was the peacable son of Adam and Eve. He was a farmer who sacrificed his crops to Jehovah, while his brother Abel was a shepherd who practiced animal sarifice. Jealous of God's preference for blood,Cain killed Abel with a club.
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/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General

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>Volcanic Updates

>Seismologic activity:

>Quake Graph by the quakeseer

>Recent Timelapses/Videos


>Oceanview Webcam

>Eruption Stats
Shield cone height: 700m
Lava Extension: ~866 ha
Ash extension: ~6,536 ha
Smoke column: ~5,000 m
People evacuated: ~13.71k
Lava Squirted: ~185 million m3
Lava flow rate: ~100 m3 per SEC
Lava flow max W: ~2,900m
Lava flow max H: ~8-50m
SO2 emitted: ~4,522 and 21,868TpD
SO2 emission total: ~250000t
CO2 emission ~1,884 t/day
Damage report: ~2,185 casas lava KIA ~62km roads

>Interactive Map

>Youtube volcanofren comfyvids
Flood Basalt
Mantle Ploom

>Are Flood Basalts Responsible for Mass Extinctions?
>Is the Mantle a Serial Killer?
>What is the Kill Mechanism?

>Civilization lives by geological consent, subject to change without notice
>Will Durant, 1946
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Black people! They’re just like you and me :)

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Biden says white supremacists are the most lethal threat in US

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He’s talking to you guys, /pol. You guys are the biggest danger to this country, not the blacks in chicago or NY who kill hundreds of citizens every day

How’s this make you guys feel?
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And your response?
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The coming COVID Red Terror

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>Every POZZED country in the world is building huge "Quarantine camps" to house unvaccinated.
>The only ones left unvaccinated are mostly people who trust authority blindly.
>Unvaccinated are getting demonized, dehumanized and segregated from society now.
>ADE in the vaccinated and other adverse effects are slowly starting to surface
>The unvaccinated are getting the blame in the public sphere

Even a peabrain should see where all of this is heading. A lot of the people who rule the Western world today are the literal grandchildren of the Bolshevik butcherers and their sympethizers.

How are you preparing for the gay red terror that is coming, anon?
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WIfe's son kills stepfather over defending a gay guest

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>Authorities have charged a Philadelphia man in the weekend shooting death of his stepfather in South Jersey.
>Woolwich Township Police responded to a Cottonwood Road residence around 4:15 p.m. Saturday following a 911 call reporting a shooting victim and found Dennis McKenzie, 43, dead at his home, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.
>Township police and prosecutor’s office detectives investigated and arrested Christian Smith, 23, at the scene, authorities said.
>An autopsy determined that McKenzie died of gunshot wounds to the head and back, and his death was labeled a homicide, officials said.
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wh*te people are the most dangerous threat in the United Statesz

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It’s settled. wh*tes must be eliminated and treated as the terrorists they are. They are terrorists and must be treated as second class citizens. Realistically we need to ban all white people (excluding Jewish ones) into concentration camps until we can figure out what the hell is going on?

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So even conservatives are supporting the Netflix walkout in protest of Dave Chappelle. When will you join them and stop larping as early 20th century European extremists? Join us in reality. https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1451072391497408520
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