Saiyan Conqueror Quest 166

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It is a time of peace. With Lord Freeza’s explosive declaration, naming himself Emperor of the Universe after single-handedly obliterating the Covenant stronghold High Charity, peace has come to the universe. Not wanting to stand against him and his unstoppable Super Saiyans, within days of his declaration the universe bent the knee. And while there are always outliers, those stubborn or foolish enough to try and resist, the overwhelming majority of the universe is bending the knee. And he wouldn’t have achieved all this, defeated the strongest military in the universe and survived the Prophet’s ultimate weapon without your help.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball EU. Currently it is Age 750 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power recognized across the universe. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of over 74 million, and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Emperor of the Universe: Karn has become his people’s greatest champion.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows from post time, unless otherwise specified
<span class="mu-r">>Pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)</span>
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>One roll post per person, unless at least ten minutes has passed since your last roll then you can roll again
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails -only- occur if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but options too out of character will be shut down
>Do NOT delete votes, instead simply link your change to your previous post as well as the vote post
>I can change any of the above rules at any time for any or no reason
>If your goal is simply to troll, at least put in enough effort to make it funny
>Have fun

SCQ will usually start on Saturdays at noon Eastern Standard Time, and run throughout the weekend. Also, for updates or schedule changes you can find me on twitter @GrandDragonQM, which I try and keep as up-to-date with scheduling as possible.

Current Arc: DYNASTY
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Archipelago: Evolution Tabletop

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Life springs into existence on a lonely planet, saturating a wide archipelago with several species. Whether they're natives, some sort of extra-terrestrial monster, or interdimensional lifeforms, they're here to stay (hopefully) and partake in the bountiful resources of this watery world! In the end, which will claim dominance over the planet and become the dominant species?

Got slots for 5-8 players! I'm the Crabs and Gloupes from the past few games, and got permission from Qm Bid to run of these.

Some previous threads, in case anyone wants to catch up and see how it works.

>Joining the game
Taking part is really simple! If you're not sure, click on a previous thread to see how submissions worked.
Draw your species in Paint (or whichever simple doodling program) and post it in your comment.
Tell us something about the function of your species, and decide where it starts on the map. No starting on the same tile, or adjacent to another player, so it's on a first-come-first-serve basis.
I'll stat your species accordingly and give you a starting sheet.

Each turn you can do 1 of 2 actions
Expand your species
Roll 1d3+1, the score is the maximum amount of tiles your species can expand to. Choose a tile with your species on the map and 3 adjacent tiles nearby. Your species will then expand from this tile to those adjacent tiles. You can also choose to migrate them by 2 tiles.

>Evolve your species
Roll 1d100
Choose a species on a tile that you want to evolve, then choose 1 attribute to improve of the 6 base attribute: Environment, Size, Sensors, Camouflage, Digestion, Toxic.
according to your fluff and score, your species will also receive a special evolution trait that will change their playstyle and help them.

More detailed rules are in the op image, and there'll be a second post to clarify some things. Please feel free to ask for clarification if there's anything you'd like to know.

The game will update daily, and each turn, I'll ideally want to finish it within 24 hours. Looking for people who can commit! And would love to see some new players too.
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

<span class="mu-s">STAR WARS


>>RECAP of the last thread:

<span class="mu-i">Farren Gaelle launched his investigation into the disappearance of Nomiana Whrul, a Mandalorian woman he’d danced with the night prior to the slave revolution. With his padawan Ceyla Vikol, the Jedi managed to gather enough information from both the locals and Ingmar the Tof to establish a rapport. While Whrul and her two other compatriots have otherwise disappeared on “religious sabbatical”, an identity was given to the warrior that Ceyla fought on the Chiller: Blazing Chain, an organization of nomadic, Force-sensitive pirates that plague the Unknown Regions.

The following day, Master Larid revealed his connection to the Storyteller. Six years prior to your apprenticeship, he had been marooned on a backwards planet in the Tingel Arm, and fell in love with the woman, Tessa Ceryll, who nursed him back to health. He had married her, only for tragedy to befall the young couple when the town unearthed an ancient Sith Temple, unleashing the Storyteller upon the hapless populace. Larid has sworn vengeance against his wife’s killer, and is troubled by the fact that the Revenant answering to the ancient Sith is strongly suspected to be a very close relation.

Following a quick meeting with Laurentius Mercantor, husband of Commodore Octavia, Farren and the other Jedi were summoned to a conclave, hosted by Masters Larid, Uyer and Aure. The three masters announced the organization of their survivors into the JEDI TRIUMVIRATE, focusing on the preservation of the Jedi Order. Torok Lamal was made a Jedi Knight, and Master Larid took the youngling Vuqu Dahe as his new apprentice. After the meeting, Farren inquired of the Triumvirate about his mother, Alleana Gaelle, as she had been in the same Youngling clan as the three masters.

Now, the young Jedi prepares for his first mission for the Triumvirate: a sojourn back into known space to search for Jedi strongholds and other survivors. His first stop will be Dweem, the sanctuary of the silicon-based Jedi sect known as the Iron Knights…</span>


Previous Thread:
Pastebin (WIP):

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Saiyan Awakening Quest 4

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Last Time on Saiyan Awakening Quest!
Rettace and his allies have traversed time itself in their quest to defeat the fearsome Lavos, a world eating monster from beyond the stars. Now, after many trials and challenges, Rettace faces his final battle against Lavos, will he prevail?
Find out now, on the next exciting episode of Saiyan Awakening Quest!
Technique Page:
Scouter Page:
Last Time: >>4993283

"Alright, I'll be your sheriff or whatever, for now." You decided that you'd go along with the request of the girl from beyond the crack in time, whoever she was, she clearly meant well. Besides, you were going to deal with Lavos anyway, at least by agreeing to go along with her you'd have a favor on your side.

"Wonderful! I knew I could count on you... uh... person on the other side of this rift! I have a knack for finding trustworthy people that can be relied on, you see!" The girl's voice sounded proud of herself as she assessed her own abilities favorably. "Now, I'm... not sure how strong you are, but... you need to be ready to face an incredibly dangerous enemy... you can fight, right?"

"What are you talking about? Of course I can fight! I'm a Saiyan!" You smirked with confidence, fighting was in your blood, it was the nature of Saiyans to fight and grow stronger! Of course you could fight!

"You're a... what?" The old man's voice sounded baffled by your revelation, had he not heard of Saiyans before?

"What, you've never heard of Saiyans before?" It wasn't entirely unexpected, Saiyans were of course mighty, but your race hadn't really done much to warrant being known by what you had surmised to be the gods themselves. The might of a normal Saiyan shouldn't even register as a blip to the people who engaged in a war with Lavos' kin.

"No no no! The problem is entirely the opposite! How can a Saiyan like yourself be on that planet!" The old man's voice screeched through the crack, and you frowned. What, did this guy have something against Saiyans or something?

"Leave him alone, if he is a Saiyan, that means he might just be strong enough to actually defeat Lavos once and for all!" The girl's voice interrupted the old man and told him to be quiet, and the old man grumbled a little as he was forced to agree. "Now, this crack... you might think it leads directly to me, but... that's not entirely true. If you head through this crack, you'd... actually find yourself directly in front of Lavos."

"Wait... what?" You looked at the rift with confusion. "How is that possible?" It was a simple fact that a portal should only be able to link two locations together. So the fact that this girl was somehow talking from some unspecified third location simply didn't make sense!
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Graverobber's Daughter III

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<span class="mu-i">A bit more than sixteen years ago, in the Empire’s Old Hinterlands: </span>

Your name is Odovacar, and among other much more pressing things, you are trying your best to not feel self-conscious. When you had been told the cover that you were to use for this assignment was a journeyman Glasser, fresh from the road, you had not thought anything of it … until they brought out the damned disguise. Now, to be completely objective, it is not the most garish or ostentatious thing you have ever seen … it is just that it is much, <span class="mu-i">much</span> more … foppish than you were expecting. Especially the wide brimmed hat, which is really something, because typically, you are quite fond of wide brimmed hats. But this one has a preposterously ornate buckle – or at least preposterous to your eyes – as well as a comically oversized red plume. At least the leather and the craftsmanship looks to be quality, but who would ever notice? The rest of your outfit is similarly overstated (and presumably expensive) to the point that at the moment you are less concerned about the possibility that you are walking into a trap and more concerned about the possibility of running into someone you know in private life.

Not that you have much of a private life as a freshly grafted and socketed Dosimetrist, as just about every waking minute that is not on active duty like this investigation is spent either getting calibrated or under observation for signs of graft rejection … or Strangeness. It is not common, but under certain circumstances, like if the dosimeter was pushed too far for too long, or the construct was damaged and there was either a surge, or worse, a complete breach, and the shielding on your socket was not sufficient … it can happen. And when it does, you are basically pouring Strangeness straight into your brain, courtesy of the socket. It is not a pleasant thing to think about.

As you navigate a raised crosswalk, you take the time to pat yourself down as discreetly as you can to make sure that all of your secreted weapons are still in place. The leaded dueling knives up your sleeves are still secure in their magnetized sheathes, and in the right inside pocket of your jerkin, the leaded garroting chain clinks and clacks dully, sounding just enough like coins to avoid suspicion. In the left inside pocket of your jerkin, you have your grandfather’s old black pin-stiletto, though that is more of a sentimental token than a weapon that you would seriously consider using in a fight against a Stranger or a Witch … or anything more ferocious than parcel-twine, for that matter. You have two steel rings on both hands, polished to the point where they can pass as silver, to ensure that if it comes to throwing punches, yours have just a little extra weight behind them. Similarly, there is a small patch of steel plating integrated into your boots around your toes, so you may kick with the confidence of a mule.
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Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 3

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The discovery of a creature of this size, free flying through space, puts into perspective your people's infantile beginnings into exploring the cosmos. How could such a thing even meet its own metabolic needs, not to mention its apparent immunity to the cold void? Could it be powered by fusion- the dream of your own race- this creature naturally evolved to harness it in some star-powered rudiment stomach? Even if such a thing was the case; there is no guarantee this <span class="mu-i">leviathan</span> would even be there anymore; after all, you are watching a transmission from a star system nine light years away. The vast distances of space and the limit of lightspeed still hold your people back.

Your name is <span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-i">Talacent Intari</span></span> and you are the <span class="mu-s">Supreme Ruler</span> of the Jaxtian people. As the Supreme Ruler- your job is to guide your race into the great future of space travel, advance your species, and defend it from threats abroad and within. You come from a long line of Supreme Ones- passing on the torch to keep the Hegemony always marching forward.

The fourth and final probe sent by an old predeceasing Supreme Ruler finally arrived at its destination and has beamed you information about the last star system in your local cluster. The Red-Giant star <span class="mu-s">Andoen</span> has two planets and is surrounded by a nebula cloud.
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Girls und Panzer Quest 17: Another match! The holidays approach!

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Girls und Panzer Quest 17: Another match! The holidays approach!


Saturday 21st October (Day 187)

Your alarm goes off earlier than usual that morning, and Otto makes sure to let his displeasure be known.

“Calm down,” you mutter, petting the cat to mollify him. You turn off the alarm and give yourself a minute to properly wake up before rolling out of bed.

Twenty minutes later, you’re changed and ready to take on the world, or at least about sixty odd other tankers from across Japan and the world. From what information is available publicly, you can see that sixty to seventy is roughly the number of other teams involved, making it a bit smaller than the Unlimited class you fought in America. Similarly, from what you can tell, instead of the more international composition of the Unlimited class, this match is more of a regional thing. There are a few news articles about this team from the United States or that team from Russia that have come for the match, but from what you can see, the vast majority are from Japan, China, or other surrounding countries. One article mentions that the entire country of Tajikistan saved up to send one of their teams to Japan for the match.

You silently wish them luck getting anywhere in an early model T-34 and turn your attention back to your own situation. Yourself and Ankou team against maybe ten other organised times and several temporary partnerships as well as a few loners. If you and Miho are together when it starts or at least close that should put you in a good position to take on the rest of the teams available.

You check your watch. The match is starting a little bit after noon, and it’ll take you a couple of hours to get there meaning you have some time to prepare, but not too much.

>Find your team and Anglerfish team and have a strategy meeting.
>Gather your crew and test the new gun.
>Get going early
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 1

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For ten generations, the three realms have enjoyed an Era of Harmony, Peace and Prosperity. With the slaying of the Demon Lord Zhìzūn-Móxīn (至尊-魔心, Supreme Devil Mind), tranquility spread down from heaven across the mortal realm. The once discordant traditions, laws and practices of cultivation were gathered in their entirety by the Five Wise Immortal Sages (五哲仙哲, Wǔzhéxiānzhé) and judged. Every School, Style, Technique, or teaching deemed to invite wickedness into the hearts of men and spread evil through the world was named forbidden, unorthodox, and was outlawed from both the Martial World and the Cultivation world for the good of all men living or dead. Black arts such as necromancy, blood magic, curses, Dual cultivation, the devouring of souls, the ascension of beasts and many others that were once widely practiced were branded as "Demonic Cultivation". And to ensure no evil sect would again rise to a position of prominence in any of the three realms, the Five Wise Immortal Sages declared any innovation upon the various Dao of Cultivation to be similarly seen as Unorthodox and thus forbidden by threat of death and spirit severing unless it was created by a trusted and renowned elder known for their moral character and skill in both martial and mystical arts.

Thus, for ten generations an era of peace that would go on to become known as the Radiant Dawn Era amongst both mortal and immortal scholars began. And thus the seeds were sown for an even greater era of darkness beneath the radiant dawn. Orthodoxy became oppression, genius cultivators and odd talents were executed for stepping beyond the path set by the edict of the Five Wise Immortal Sages. The Laws of Heaven and Men became smothering. Where once they protected against the ambitions of villains and schemes of devils, they now only served to cultivate a world of stagnancy.

Gods, Devils, Cultivators, and Mortals alike grew restless with harmony. Inevitably, the unrelenting light of the sun began to wither the hearts and minds of those who had been born beneath it and did not know the terrors of an endless, unremitting night. Youthful arrogance, grudges held for centuries began, and human curiosity began to sprout like weeds in hearts, minds and spirits across the three realms.

The end of the Radiant Dawn Era, began with a war that was foretold to last two generations and soak the the world in blood, corpses and the stench of death. The spark of this first war to break the long held peace of the realms of mortals and cultivators alike? An attempt up the the divinely appointed patriarch of the imperial family, a thoughtless scheme carried out to avenge the pride of a lord whose wife he had taken as his lover, alongside three of his daughters and his elderly aunt. The Celestial Empire crumbled in a night, allegiances made by blood, oath or debt were called and four factions emerged from its ashes.
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Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 4

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Following the Emperor's death at Endor, the once unstoppable Galactic Empire has cracked and began to crumble. While the members of the Rebel Alliance come together to form the NEW REPUBLIC, the remnants of the Empire begin to tear themselves apart at the hands of IMPERIAL WARLORDS who each seek to install them-self as the next emperor. With nearly half the galaxy in the hands of the New Republic, the IMPERIAL REMNANT seems powerless to stop the rebel advance.

Among the soldiers and sailors of the WARLORDS, terror and hope fills men and women in varying forms, as those who serve seek their calls of duty and responsibility, surviving just to live another day in a galaxy without order....

>previous Thread:

You are Captain Caimes, Commander of his very own Task force, commanding from his flagship, the Venator class, Collegiate. You've recently lead a force on a ship reclamation operation in Bestine, but your Benefactor's main fleet has taken heavy damage in succeeding in it's task. Since then, your force has been left to it's own devices, with 3 of your vessels in dock for repairs, and you drawing up ideas for your own operation to launch. As always, however, there are other things goin on before we get there...
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 13

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Previous threads:

You are Lieren of Nothing, The second Primarch created by the emperor of mankind and father to a legion of space marines, Savior of the Shuni, benevolent Giant of Long-Jia, renowned Warrior, Philosopher, Inventor and Philanthropist, Adoptive father and guardian of the future generation of the Tiger Folk, The Man who brought Dragons back to Shangrala, Grandmaster of Both the Wanderers in the Fog Sect and the Brothers of the panther, Head of the Imperial Ministry of development and The Grand Architect of Long-Jia Jinhai, as well as his sworn brother. You are also the enemy of Chaos and the partner of Kanzeon.

Having met your brother Perturabo by contacting him in the warp and learning you had seventeen more brothers than you previously believed, you chose to cheer up Kanzeon after she became depressed after revealing the truth of her and her sister's birth/construction by showing her than no matter her origins or nature, she would always be accepted and beloved by the people of Shangrala. This, you would achieve by having her reveal her true nature to the people of Long-Jia, that of a living ship of immeasurable age who had lived to see humanities great fall from grace. Though she held apprehension against this decision, you knew only she could choose how she'd reveal the truth of her existence to the people, and that forcing her to do it in a matter of your choosing would be pointlessly churlish and cruel.

Stand in her command bridge, you waited for her to come to her decision and to support her however she chose to support the matter of exposing herself to the masses...

It is humbling, to gaze upon Shangrala from above its ever present blanket of fog and mist. Like a sea of clouds, it rolls across the lands broken only by the highest peaks of its mighty, enduring mountains and the occasional aircraft piloted across Long-Jia's borders. Not even The towering spires of Nothing or the Imperial palace of the Long-Jia dynasty can be seen beneath the milky white sea spreading across the entirety of the world. It sits, in the cosmic void of the heavens, like a pearl drifting amongst polished and cut gems and rough spheres of rock. A unique, peerless beauty that defies reason. To look upon it, is to witness natural beauty unlike any other. With you arms held behind your back, you admire the vistas of your home, and smile when you find that you're able to recognize the few landmarks that can be seen beneath or above the fog. The lights of the growing cities certainly helps to triangulate your and Kanzeon's positions. You wonder, for a moment, where she will choose to reveal herself? Her sheer size and bulk will make her entrance rather...difficult to plan and safely carry out.
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