Eleventh Primarch Quest Chapter 5

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You are Kolinasi Keiko Whatiri.

You have won your first real battle, fought against both Ganth and Drukhari.

Now you are taking your- surprisingly to you- small warp ship to a planet called Nuceria.

Unknown to you, the home of the Primarch of the Twelfth Legion, Angron.

Your new friend, crewmate, rebellion starter and all around troublemaker has given you advice on approaching this planet, but you think you have a better strategy.

“Charon, if you prefer I have a different idea and I want your opinion.” You say and Frank looks at you strangely.

“Of Course Friend.” Charon says.

“Are there any active rebel groups on the planet’s surface that we can make contact with that would likely aid us? Make our fight easier?” You ask and Charon smiles.

“I was wondering if you any of you would ever ask!” Charon says.

“There have been many gladiator revolts on the planet, they happen every so often, the planet is used to it by now. However, one of my old friends, before I was taken by the Ganth, began training with someone. Someone who held very strong anti government sentiments.” Charon then gives a different look.

“He was tall. He was strong. Bigger than any many before. He had supposedly supernatural talents and was a paragon on the battlefield. And.” Charon pauses again fro dramatic effect and looks at your family then to you.

“Looked somewhat familiar to me, when I met you.” He says.

“What?” You let out quickly and surprised. You know there were other pods, but, if one of your brothers survived, much less landed on Nuceria- this is incredibly fortunate indeed. Frank looks shocked then twitches his nose.

“You knew. You knew the second you saw him. I knew I smelled a ploy. Alright. So say this other relative of Kolinasi, what are the chances he would be willing to help?” Frank says.