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Do Your Best Quest #115: 4th Anniversary Edition

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Last time out, the tomato reunion came to fruition, you learned about Gautier’s troubled past and discovered that Oliver is in jail yet again. It doesn’t seem like the ex-terrorist is in bigger trouble than the usual bureaucracy so you’ll wait until morning to lawfully get him out of his predicament. You’re staying inside the camper with Matilda and Wilma, all sleeping on the same mattress because of Wilma's wishes.

Your eyelids open slightly to let the sunlight enter, it’s a new day here in the past time, you never asked what date it is, so you have no idea what day it is. You guessed the year, and not much else, it feels like it’s winter or autumn. It’s just a nice cozy morning, but looking at a calendar wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

You realize you’re in a peculiar position, you somehow ended up in the middle of this cuddling mess, both girls resting on you like you’re a body pillow. Wilma is resting on the left side of your chest, and Matilda resting her head between your shoulder and the pillow under. You’re immobilized by these two – good thing you don’t want to go to the bathroom… yet.

The plan is to take Oliver out of jail as soon as possible, so you’ll start with that…

<span class="mu-s">What do you do?</span>

>Sneak out of this situation and make breakfast for everyone.
>Wake Matilda up to talk for a bit. You need to wake one of them up for an escape route.
>Wake Wilma up to talk for a bit. You need to wake one of them up for an escape route.
>Write In.