In Ashes' Wake #1

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You do not feel anything at first, it is as if you were asleep. At first, a few whispers of consciousness form within your mind, you begin to regain your self-awareness. A split second later you begin to feel the ashes scorching the insides of your lungs. Then, the rest of your body's pain. That is when you remember, when you realize what has happened, when you wake up. Varanash, your home village has been attacked. You are pinned under the debris of what used to be your house and the mind begins to wonder "Who attacked us? How and why? And are those responsible still out there?"
Before any other questions are asked, you decide to try and move. It doesn't seem like your injuries are too serious so it is time to dig yourself out of the rubble. Shouldn't be too hard for a
such as yourself.
As you push through, you are reminding yourself who your are and why you will not simply lay down and wait for death's embrace.
>a Knight of the Kingdom of Solis, stationed here as a guard
>a promising pupil of the Magus Council, who took time off his studies of the arcane
>a humble villager, nothing more than an ordinary farmer
>a Thief with a heart of gold, playing his tricks on the nobles so he may share their wealth with the poor
Your name is...