PKMN Quest (Gold/Silver) Vol. 3

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Back at it again, it's PKMN Gold/Silver!

Where were we again? Oh yeah. You're a PKMN trainer on your PKMN journey. The goal is to get to the top, collect badges, beat the elite 4 and become a PKMN master!
Oh, also you're kind of a deputized cop looking for whoever murdered MR. POKEMON.
And you lost your gun and somebody is running around firing it. Whoops!
But you've got a lead in GOLDENROD CITY. You've just got to meet up with your associate YAMATO and bring the mysterious SENTRET to ELM's CONTACT to get some information out of it.
Simple, right? Right.

We pick up where we left off, looking for YAMATO at the local DEPARTMENT STORE...


Oh yeah before you forget, your current PKMN team consists of:

Totodile - Irwin
Teddiursa - Teddy
Hoppip - Brutaxinator
Togepi - Fuegomelet
Onyx - Rocky
Slowbro - Brosef

You have 6 Pokeballs and a Fast Ball, and uh... about 2000g? something like that.
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