Girls und Panzer Quest 17: Another match! The holidays approach!

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Girls und Panzer Quest 17: Another match! The holidays approach!


Saturday 21st October (Day 187)

Your alarm goes off earlier than usual that morning, and Otto makes sure to let his displeasure be known.

“Calm down,” you mutter, petting the cat to mollify him. You turn off the alarm and give yourself a minute to properly wake up before rolling out of bed.

Twenty minutes later, you’re changed and ready to take on the world, or at least about sixty odd other tankers from across Japan and the world. From what information is available publicly, you can see that sixty to seventy is roughly the number of other teams involved, making it a bit smaller than the Unlimited class you fought in America. Similarly, from what you can tell, instead of the more international composition of the Unlimited class, this match is more of a regional thing. There are a few news articles about this team from the United States or that team from Russia that have come for the match, but from what you can see, the vast majority are from Japan, China, or other surrounding countries. One article mentions that the entire country of Tajikistan saved up to send one of their teams to Japan for the match.

You silently wish them luck getting anywhere in an early model T-34 and turn your attention back to your own situation. Yourself and Ankou team against maybe ten other organised times and several temporary partnerships as well as a few loners. If you and Miho are together when it starts or at least close that should put you in a good position to take on the rest of the teams available.

You check your watch. The match is starting a little bit after noon, and it’ll take you a couple of hours to get there meaning you have some time to prepare, but not too much.

>Find your team and Anglerfish team and have a strategy meeting.
>Gather your crew and test the new gun.
>Get going early