Saiyan Awakening Quest 4

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Last Time on Saiyan Awakening Quest!
Rettace and his allies have traversed time itself in their quest to defeat the fearsome Lavos, a world eating monster from beyond the stars. Now, after many trials and challenges, Rettace faces his final battle against Lavos, will he prevail?
Find out now, on the next exciting episode of Saiyan Awakening Quest!
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"Alright, I'll be your sheriff or whatever, for now." You decided that you'd go along with the request of the girl from beyond the crack in time, whoever she was, she clearly meant well. Besides, you were going to deal with Lavos anyway, at least by agreeing to go along with her you'd have a favor on your side.

"Wonderful! I knew I could count on you... uh... person on the other side of this rift! I have a knack for finding trustworthy people that can be relied on, you see!" The girl's voice sounded proud of herself as she assessed her own abilities favorably. "Now, I'm... not sure how strong you are, but... you need to be ready to face an incredibly dangerous enemy... you can fight, right?"

"What are you talking about? Of course I can fight! I'm a Saiyan!" You smirked with confidence, fighting was in your blood, it was the nature of Saiyans to fight and grow stronger! Of course you could fight!

"You're a... what?" The old man's voice sounded baffled by your revelation, had he not heard of Saiyans before?

"What, you've never heard of Saiyans before?" It wasn't entirely unexpected, Saiyans were of course mighty, but your race hadn't really done much to warrant being known by what you had surmised to be the gods themselves. The might of a normal Saiyan shouldn't even register as a blip to the people who engaged in a war with Lavos' kin.

"No no no! The problem is entirely the opposite! How can a Saiyan like yourself be on that planet!" The old man's voice screeched through the crack, and you frowned. What, did this guy have something against Saiyans or something?

"Leave him alone, if he is a Saiyan, that means he might just be strong enough to actually defeat Lavos once and for all!" The girl's voice interrupted the old man and told him to be quiet, and the old man grumbled a little as he was forced to agree. "Now, this crack... you might think it leads directly to me, but... that's not entirely true. If you head through this crack, you'd... actually find yourself directly in front of Lavos."

"Wait... what?" You looked at the rift with confusion. "How is that possible?" It was a simple fact that a portal should only be able to link two locations together. So the fact that this girl was somehow talking from some unspecified third location simply didn't make sense!