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famous chokers in sports?
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Pussy,are you still there?Edition
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KC: Owns your azz
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2582663, 2500x1666, umpirejpg
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>almost every single umpire (the referees of the game) have their own wikipedia page
>autistic level of stat gathering on the players, ballparks, and umpires
>subjective stat called ERROR, almost unheard of in sports (SOUL)
>most players are very conservative
>players aren't even required to get the vaccine because even (((they))) knew the majority wouldn't stand for it
>100+ years of history and tradition
>lots of strategical and tactical moves that require years of watching or playing experience to understand
>you can see the face of a $300 million dollar player the moment he fucks up a play and loses his team the game
>complete rando's become heroes in October
>playoff walk-off hits are some of the most kino moments in all of sports

>regular season is too long
>lack of salary cap
>obvious PED abuse (look at the size of their HEADS!!!)
>only started enforcing certain rules this year (pitchers and sticky stuff)
>national broadcast announcers all seem to be boring or incredibly BIASED towards certain teams
>they stole Gary Thorne from us /hoc/ chads (the greatest to ever call /hoc/ games). Why don't they have him call the nationally televised games?

overall the pros heavily outweigh the thinking BASE(d)ball is the sport for me...

Here are some highlights of a small flyover city that beat the big gay coasties and won it all back in 2015:
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117413, 1200x1228, bodøpng
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>Team from fishing village in bumfuck nowherere faces the team from the the most historically and culturally significant city in Europe
>Every R*ma player worth more than the entire Bodø team
>Bodø humiliates R*ma defense, passes right through all of them
>Scores outside the box
>Scores from a pass after Roma's ngubu defender got lazy and thought it was out
>Chips the keeper
>Scores from a beautiful through pass even when bodied into the ground by a salty R*macuck
>Dribbles the keeper

Name ONE (1) team with more SOVL than Bodø/Glimt. This is what happens when you have a non-merc team.
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/nba/ general ~ BBB edition

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PHI: Simmons skips workout citing back tightness and mental illness
NOP: Josh Hart injury not serious
MIL, ATL: multiple injuries for tonight's game

>games today
mavs hawks 7:30
bucks heat 8:00
clippers warriors 10:00
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Official FIFA Rankings Thread

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/undeadted/ edition
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Albon aliv in COTA Edition

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>Countdown to Coca Cola 191.634 @ COTA GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials V10:

>Eternal /f1/ Stream:

>WDC Standings:
Verstappen: 262.5
17 jobs: 256.5
Bottatos: 176
Goblando: 145
Checo: 135

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes: 432.5
Red Bull: 397.5
McLaren: 240
Ferrari: 232.5
Alpine: 104

>WEC Standings:
18 jobs: 804.73 (+87.28)
Bottatos: 679.76 (+0.71)
Darren: 596.54 (+67.84)

Unvaccinated F1 drivers may not get visas for Aus GP
‘Vettel’s values no longer match those of F1’ says Irishman Tim O'Glock
Verstappen refuses to participate in “fake” Drive to Survive Netflix series
Bottas wasn’t aware of possible Andretti takeover during Alfa Romeo talks
Hamilton expects “incredibly difficult” title fight after losing points lead
UK Covid cases top 50,000 for first time in three months
Fans show little support for F1’s sprint qualifying format in official survey
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