yuki.la 4chan archive dump

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This is a collection of all the HTML files from yuki.la as of Feb 2021, packaged by Anonymous !wJbF8ZWUxk.

It was a process of scraping over multiple months and completed nearly the time that yuki.la vanished for good.

Each board is collected into 2 tar.gz files, containing either the entirety of a board's HTML files, or a portion. After each file is extracted, you will have all the files of the board.

Unfortunately, no thumbnails or images were saved before yuki.la went offline, but it is possible to find images using other archive websites.

If you'd like to support my efforts, you can donate ETH to: 0xD952EeD3a5f10A891f962f9bC411fFa41272F78A

More information regarding 4chan archives can be found at https://bibanon.org/

Cheers! I hope you find this collection useful.