/codm/ Call of Duty Mobile

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bad guys edition

Remember to watch those """"intel briefings"""" (ads) from the free item roll thing in the top, even when the items change you retain your coins/points so you can just watch your daily ads and save up for when something that you like shows up in that store

Remember to claim your free daily anniversary badges from the anniversary festivities screen, swap 30 badges for the new community weapon

Credit store updated

Clan War update: currency resets at the end of the season, and store items will be rotated out for new ones, so make sure to spend your clan currency on some reward shop items that you like before the season wraps up

Don't be a lazy ass, do your daily missions
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World Flipper

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Ressurected /flip/

>October's New Year events

>JP Team Comp/Tier list

>JP Database

>Global Team Guide

>Global Team Builder and Database

>Progression Guide


New reroll guide soon
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Skadi from Arknights
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340219, 2000x1100, nomnomjpg
Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO

Girls Frontline

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The comfy months continue!
everyone's dead after the last Theater
Just a rerun this month. Also some tacticool stuff is finally coming in.
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Touhou Lost Word

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Instead of the Halloween event with Koakuma and Rumia banner, we are gettting A FUCKING RERUN of the very first event. WHY?!
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Paradise Hot Spring Village of Hell! Transient Summon is now live! Event last from September 28, 2021 20:00 to October 26, 2021 13:59.
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Mario Kart Tour

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Dingo ate mah baby mario
Sydney Tour 2021 is live
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Dokkan Battle: The Deathzone edition

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Linking partner made easy: https://www.web-api.eu/dokkan/
New gacha units to be released: Goku and Piccolo on the 20th
EZAs to be released: Int LR Gohan on the 20th
F2P units to be released: Piccolo and Krillin on the 20th
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Kusoges primarily aimed at women and gays. But also just any game adjacent with cute / hot dudes.

This new Subaru feature scout is most likely gonna be a green card, which reminds me I'm patiently waiting for Mao to finally get his spotlight event this year. I'm tempted to roll.
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Death Palette - Matsuro

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Have you painted your waifu yet?
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