BL Discussion Thread #79

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

> (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

BL Licensers and How to Request from Them:


Bonus questions:
>Name a BL that awakened a new fetish in you.

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/y/ drawthread #124

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1) Be nice to everyone especially to drawfriends.
2) Reference pics ARE MANDATORY along with specifics & details IN ONE POST. BE MINDFUL BEFORE HITTING POST. Combine them in MSPaint and compress with TinyJPG. No excuses.
3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all. If you think it's been overlooked, repost it AFTER 2 DRAWTHREADS ARE ARCHIVED.
4) Stick to fictional characters. Fictional characters from live action film/television are acceptable, just not the actor themselves. ie MCU Captain America requests are fine, but no Chris Evans requests.
5) DON'T BE GREEDY- no begging, HOARDING BY POSTING DIFFERENT REQUESTS BY THE SAME ANON, repeat or multiple fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you and unfair to other requester.
6) Usual board and global rules apply - no yiff, no cuntboys or other hardcore /d/. If you're worried about whether it's too extreme or not, use imgur, anonfiles, imgbb or /i/.
7) If you're looking to add criticism to a drawfriend's work, please do so in a respectful manner.
8) Make sure your ref is clear and big enough to see.
10) When thread reaches bump limit, please wait until current thread reaches page 8 of the catalog before making a new one.
>Collection of Deliveries:
*use your extra energy to archive deliveries in the booru
>Drawing books, tutorials, practice websites and drawing programs:
>Drawing tips (/ic/ sticky)
>>>/ic/1579290 # # #
>Color thread
>Edi t thread
Thread finder: >>>/y/drawthread
Previous thread: >>2908610
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Halloween thread

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Let's get some spooky boys in here! No small tops!
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Post your best spideys of all kinds!
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Patreon Thread

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You know the drill.
Ask for specific artists.
Post what you have.
Laugh at the poorfags.
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Yankee / Delinquent Thread 02

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First one dropped
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Golden Kamuy #2

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Last Thread: >>2814288
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top's ass

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post top butts, preferably with hole visible

any position is cool so long as it shows the top's ass from the back while he fucks

bonus points for hairy/big tops on smooth/tiny bottoms
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The Sims Homolust General

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Here you go man!
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Proper Avatar Thread

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Proper thread for Avatar. Post whoever you want as long as it's not shota. The "no small tops" fujo is back at it again.
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